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You Should Eat These 25 Ridiculously Amazing Foods At Your State Fair

State fairs are strange places. They’re home to things like butter sculptures, produce contests, and livestock competitions. It’s all very odd.

But if you like fried foods, the local fair is the place to be. If you’re not a fan of battered sweets, there are other options out there to whet your appetite. When you see these snacks, you’ll be at your local fairgrounds and your doctor’s office in no time at all!

1. Deep-fried Kool-Aid

Deep-fried Kool-Aid

Ooooh noooooo!

2. Kool-Aid pickle

Kool-Aid pickle

Somehow less appetizing than deep-fried Kool-Aid.

3. Deep-fried jelly sandwich

Deep-fried jelly sandwich

Because it was the last thing we hadn’t fried.

4. Deep-fried peanut butter and jelly

Deep-fried peanut butter and jelly

Actually, scratch that. We also hadn’t fried peanut butter yet.

5. Deep-fried mac and cheese

Deep-fried mac and cheese

It almost looks edible!

6. Donut cheeseburger

Donut cheeseburger

Because you love visiting the cardiologist.

7. Deep-fried peanut butter cups

Deep-fried peanut butter cups

All natural!

8. Deep-fried butter

Deep-fried butter

Okay, this one requires literally no effort. There’s no joke here. This is it.

9. Deep-fried Cadbury eggs

Deep-fried Cadbury eggs

A seasonal treat.

10. Deep-fried pizza

Deep-fried pizza

When cooking in an oven just won’t do!

11. Fried pies

Fried pies

I guess these could be considered dessert samosas?

12. Deep-fried cookie dough

Deep-fried cookie dough

This is almost as bad as fried butter. Almost.

13. Chocolate-covered bacon

Chocolate-covered bacon

Finally, an item that’s not fried! I guess that means it’s healthy, right?

14. Deep-fried Twinkie

Deep-fried Twinkie

Aren’t Twinkies already fried? Is this…fry-ception?

15. Deep-fried Mars bar

Deep-fried Mars bar

For a little weirdness from across the pond!

16. Deep-fried cheese curds

Deep-fried cheese curds

If you add twice-fried french fries and fried gravy, you have yourself some deep-fried poutine!

17. Deep-fried beer

Deep-fried beer

That’s it. I quit drinking. I’m done.

18. Deep-fried chicken wantons

Deep-fried chicken wantons

A taste of the East meets the style of the South.

19. Fried avocado

Fried avocado

Because screw your health.

20. Deep-fried cheesecake

Deep-fried cheesecake

As if the original wasn’t unhealthy enough.

21. Deep-fried ice cream sundae

Deep-fried ice cream sundae

Do you find sundaes lacking in the cholesterol department? Not anymore!

22. Deep-fried latte

Deep-fried latte

No, you cannot get it with soy milk.

23. Wolf tracks ice cream

Wolf tracks ice cream

Full of yummy fudge and candy like moose tracks, but somehow worse for your heart.

24. Sauteed alligator

Sautéed alligator

Lightly seasoned for optimal flavor.

25. Deep-fried moon pie

Deep-fried moon pie

This is the pinnacle of fried nastiness. Humanity has peaked.

(via People, Huffington Post, Mental Floss)

You could essentially eat all three meals and dessert straight from a deep fryer. But why would you? You’d miss out on chocolate-covered bacon and Kool-Aid pickles, and no one wants that!

If you just can’t get fried Kool-Aid out of your head, you can bring this travesty into your home with a simple recipe:

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