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Yook Sungjae Joins Boyfriend’s Youngmin And Kwangmin For A Rowdy Karaoke Night On “Celebrity Bromance”

Naver V Live range program “Celebrity Bromance” really knows the best ways to provide us FOMO!During the program’s

January 31 broadcast, BTOB’s Yook Sungjae had the time of his life goofing around with Boyfriend’s Youngmin and Kwangmin.In the episode, the kids headed out to a karaoke space, where they let loose singing a number of various K-pop songs.Their very first song was TWICE’s hit single”TT.” At initially, a shy Yook Sungjae insisted

that he didn’t know the song extremely well. The minute the lyrics appeared on the karaoke screen, he immediately sprung into action, taking over on the song and even doing some of its original choreography.The boys then revealed off their singing space swag with BIGBANG’s” Lies.” Using up T.O.P’s parts, Yook Sungjae dropped his voice down a hilariously low octave, crouching down with hip-hop bravado while the twins backed him up on vocals. Changing categories


practically entirely, all 3 kids broke up singing parts throughout an especially rowdy efficiency of “Bumble Bee “by Korean trot vocalist Kang Jin. The tune was not a totally arbitrary choice, as its title shares the exact same name as Yook Sungjae’s persona when he appeared on the program”King Of Masked Vocalist.”


Once the tune was completed, Yook Sungjae surprised the Partner members by selecting their song “Boyfriend,” causing them to end up being instantly embarrassed. While Kwangmin adorably covered his ears and started yelling that he didn’t wish to do it, a shy Youngmin began singing the very first couple of lines. However, towards the end, everyone was giving it their all, with Yook Sungjae even flaunting some choreography.The boys ended the night

by evening out ball game with a loud group sing-along to BTOB’s”Beep Beep.”Examine out their karaoke efficiency in the full episode here!.?.