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X-Ray Reveals Something Absolutely Unbelievable Hidden Inside A Woman’s Suitcase

Police Thought She Was Smuggling Drugs

When Spanish customs agents at Spain’s border with Morocco noticed a young Moroccan woman looking just way too nervous not to be up to something, they decided to investigate the contents of her luggage.

Instead of revealing plain, old, boring drugs, the x-ray showed the silhouette of a little boy.

As he was pulled out, he cheerfully introduced himself to the officers in French: “Hello, my name is Abou.”

First of all, that’s adorable.

Second, this poor kid was just stuffed into a suitcase? Is anyone else feeling a little claustrophobic right now?

The child is believed to be just eight years old and is of sub-Saharan origin. He was checked by medics and taken into the care of social services.

A Civil Guard spokesman said they have located a woman who has admitted to being the mother of the child and was waiting for his arrival.

He added that the situation could have had a ‘tragic ending’.

No kidding. How long can a child, or anyone for that matter, last while being stuffed inside a suitcase?

This poor child’s mother, who has a temporary residents visa in the Canary Islands, was arrested alongside the woman transporting the child into Ceuta, which shares a border with Morocco.

Police have also arrested a man from Costa de Marfil on the Ivory Coast, who has been identified as the boy’s father.

Spain has seen a massive increase in illegal immigration, but it’s not often that they find someone stashed inside a suitcase. The country faces growing pressure from migrants from Africa, particularly through its two enclaves there.

According to Spanish authorities, more than 16,000 people tried to enter their country in 2014 and nearly 5,000 succeeded, compared so some 3,000 in 2013.

So, I suppose an awful lot of people have been stuffed into suitcases, duffel bags, pickle jars and tuna cans over the past few years in pursuit of a better life.