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Will Ferrell shines in what might be the best “Celebrity Jeopardy” ever

In the twenty years considering that “Star Jeopardy” initially appeared on “Saturday Night Live,” over a lots iterations have been transmitted. In October 1999, previous cast member Standard MacDonald went back to the program to host the program and repeated his legendary impression of actor Burt Reynolds.


The show began with Reynolds altering his name to Turd Ferguson, a relocation that mortified Will Ferrell’s Alex Trebek, and would be reviewed on the program 16 years later, throughout the”SNL”40th anniversary event. Categories such as”Condiments,””Films that Start with the Word Jaws”and”Your Ass or a Hole in the Ground”highlight a sketch that also included some traditional backward and forward in between Trebek and Sean Connery, masterfully played by Darrell Hammond. In a 2011 piece in Splitsider, author Megh Wright hailed this edition of”Star Jeopardy, “and praised the work of all included, including a fresh dealt with Jimmy Fallon as actor French Stewart.”This is the sketch that offered birth to Turd Ferguson, among funny’s biggest names, and to see 4 strong ‘SNL’impressionists working together this well makes this one of the noteworthy Jeopardy sketches,”Wright wrote.Douglas Barclay, Unusual Staff|Posted on