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Why We Think Amanda Bynes Might be a Genius

Why We Think Amanda Bynes Might be a Genius

We have reason to think Amanda Bynes might be a genius, and we’re all getting played. The joke is on us.

Remember back in 2008 when Joaquin Phoenix infamously “quit” acting to start a rap career? He had been nominated as best leading actor for his role as Johnny Cash in “Walk the Line”, but his career seemed to be going downhill after that. Soon he started acting stranger and stranger, grew a beard and announced that he would no longer be acting, but was planning to launch a hip hop career.

A documentary followed — 2010’s I’m Still Here” — which followed him as he took drugs, acting really weird, bought hookers and harassed P-Diddy for a record deal. This was, as we all figured out sooner or later, wasn’t anywhere near real, but a “mockumentary” about something the public seems to love watching — the celebrity meltdown.

There are just too many parallels here to ignore it. Bynes is now being offered a hip hop record deal (closer than Joaquin ever got!). Her acting career seemed to be tanking, she someone may have been suggested going the route of a large-scale publicity stunt to get herself back in the public eye — to get people to really take notice. After all, bad publicity is still publicity.

This looks like it’s turning out to be the publicity stunt of the century, and Amanda Bynes is actually a brilliant comedic actress making a statement.

Bynes may or may not be tricking us into thinking she has lost her marbles (it actually might be the case), but it’s something to consider.

Britney Spears has never made a mockumentary, because her bipolar episodes are legit. Lindsey Lohan really is on drugs and can’t seem to stay off of them. Amanda Bynes’ behavior is just so over-the-top that we can’t help but question how real it is.


There may never be a mockumentary, but then again, she doesn’t really need one. That’s another reason why we think Amanda Bynes might be a genius — she doesn’t need a mockumentary, because we have more social media coverage than ever before. It’s unnecessary, when you have it all unfolding in pictures, videos, tweets and everyone else talking about you.

Amanda Bynes may have already accomplished what she set out to do. Now, we can just wait for the rest to unfold and see if this is true or not.