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WHOA! VIEW Former Teenager Hollywood Star: “I Can Inform You The # 1 Problem In Hollywood Was and IS and ALWAYS Will Be Pedophilia” * 100PercentFedUp. com.

Are we finally viewing completion times for Hollywood stars, who have been worshipped like golden idols by Americans who believe them to be flawless and foolproof human beings? Is the ethically superior exterior of Hollywood actors like Meryl Streep and Gwenyth Paltrow, who admonish and scold Americans that would dare to support President Trump, while drawing up to serial sexual abuser Harvey Weinstein? What about starlet Ashley Judd who America viewed while she wore her p * ssy hat, go off on an outrageous tirade at the Women’& rsquo; s March in DC, over Donald Trump’& rsquo; s remarks about a female, to another male, throughout a personal conversation, while she concealed the ACTUAL sexual assault that was allegedly dedicated versus her by mega-Democrat donor Harvey Weinstein. Judd claims she was asked to fulfill Weinstein for a breakfast meeting at the Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel some 20 years earlier. She stated the meeting became him welcoming her approximately his hotel space and claimed he asked to provide her a massage and see him shower. A revolting audio of Weinstein asking an Italian model to watch him shower in his hotel room was simply launched today. You can discover the story and the audio HERE. Gwenyth Paltrow declares that she was likewise sexually abused by Harvey Weinstein when she was 22 years of ages. That was 23 years earlier, why the silence until now? The number of numerous ladies could have been conserved by Paltrow or Judd if they came out and pressed charges versus Weinstein decades ago? Neither one of them has any trouble openly bashing Trump. But, oh yeah, bashing Trump is a resume enhancer in Hollywood, while overlooking a Hollywood manufacturer who’& rsquo; s a sick pervert, is perfectly appropriate, as long as’he & rsquo; s the one who signs your enormous paychecks.Gwyneth Paltrow declares that she was sexually pestered by Harvey Weinstein when she was just 22: https://t.co/ZtZlJFXZ6z!.?.!pic.twitter.com/oqRm7WSO9q!.?.!— E! Online UK(@EOnlineUK) October 10, 2017 Is your skin crawling yet? Wait up until you view the video listed below and check out the dreadful experiences these former kid actors had with full-grown males in Hollywood. Cernovich– The current direct exposure of serial sexual predator and Hollywood Democrat kingpin Harvey Weinstein raises, a lot more, concerns than it answers.In a now popular picture, Weinstein

can be seen – grabbing young actress Emma Watson in a jeopardizing position.While the general public debate currently centers around Weinstein & rsquo; s sexual abuse of power over girls, the question stays– how young were Weinstein & rsquo; s victims?Former child star Corey Feldman has openly stated that & ldquo; I was molested and circulated, & rdquo; while discussing how in Hollywood adult males in the market would pass young stars & ldquo; back and forth to – each other. & rdquo; Feldman revealed that his co-star Corey Haim was raped at 11-years-old. Star Elijah Wood validated Feldman & rsquo; s claims in May 2016, explaining Hollywood as a den of & ldquo; vipers & rdquo; in an interview, and stating & ldquo; If you can envision it, it & rsquo; s most likely occurred. & rdquo; Wood said he was protected from abuse by his mother, who didn & rsquo; t let him go to Hollywood celebrations, but he said other child actors were regularly & ldquo; preyed upon & rdquo; by those in power.Wood also compared Hollywood & rsquo;

s sexual predators with recognized pedophile and English TELEVISION personality Jimmy Savile. & ldquo; You all grew up with Savile, & rdquo; Wood said. & ldquo; Jesus, it needs to have been “ravaging”. Plainly something

significant was going on in Hollywood’. It was all arranged. & rdquo; X-Men director Bryan Singer is among those openly accused“of sexual assault of young kids in Hollywood.Was Weinstein among the guys “Elijah Wood says is sexually & ldquo; preying upon & rdquo; kids in Hollywood? Is Weinstein among the guys Feldman states would pass young stars around?The concerns should be asked when an evident industry of pedophilia and sexual abuse has actually

been in the open but kept trick for decades.Watch this revolting interview with” previous child actor Corey Feldman regarding pedophilia in Hollywood: & ldquo; I can tell you the # 1 issue in #Hollywood WAS and IS and ALWAYS will be pedophelia.

& rdquo; @RedNationRising“#MAGA pic.twitter.com/ARb0W7QYnC!.?.!— DONNA WARREN( @DonnaWR8) October 9, 2017