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What Can You Do With Boring Old Art? You Can Repaint It, Of Course!

The concept of taking something and redoing it to suit your needs and tastes is nothing new. People have been doing it with, well, pretty much everything. If you”re looking for some home decorations that are cheap, personal, and easy, you might want to try repurposing old, unwanted artwork like these people did. Thanks to the Repaintings subreddit, artists both amateur and professional are transforming vintage paintings, prints, and drawings into something new.

Repainting can be done on photos as well as paintings, such as this lady and her tentacles.

A close-up of the repainted cabinet photo.

The repaint doesn”t have to be anything fancy to have bizarre and hilarious results.

Many repainters seem drawn to sci-fi and horror themes with old photos and paintings, as those elements are the most striking and irreverent against the quaintness of the original images.

These paintings are perfect for an absurdist touch. People seem to like turning the predictable, traditional subject matter on its head with additions like these.

Pop culture icons like Mario and company make a perfect compliment to this bucolic painting.

Despite the jarring subject matter, artists will sometimes carefully select their color palette to match that of the original.

Dinosaurs also seem to be popular. Something about the clash of kitschy, sci-fi characters with the super-traditional subject material appeals to a lot of people.

Although some people, like this artist, go for a more abstract approach.

Big changes are fun, but there”s something even funnier about a small detail that changes the entire meaning of the painting.

Does the idea of drawing on an old painting or photo bother you? Think of it this way: these images were long forgotten, and it”s unlikely that any of them would be worth much more than their thrift store prices. The repainted details give them new life.

When you”re on the lookout again for something to decorate your home, or if you”re perusing a thrift store, consider getting crafty with a cheap old painting or photo. The possibilities are endless, and you can easily create a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your tastes out of something old.