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VIP culture: Handicapped children made to await 3 hours for wheelchairs

Handicapped children, as young as 2-year-old, were made to wait empty stomach for almost three hours by the Indian Red Cross Society, Chandigarh, simply since the authorities wanted their photo clicked with Union home minister Rajnath Singh while donating wheelchairs.The handicapped people, including children, were contacted us to the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER )where Rajnath was to inaugurate a 300-bedded serai. The minister, who was supposed to

arrive at 11am, reached the place at 11:35 am. However before satisfying the disabled children, he, along with other VIPs, planted saplings on the facilities, leaving the children, who were waiting on him outside the serai, high and dry. And on top of it, they were not allowed to leave up until the minister left the location around noon.When asked why her child was sobbing, Anita Kumari, the mother of 2-year-old Manya, stated:”She is hungry. We are waiting for the minister to come because 9am and it is 11.30 am now. Had the authorities informed us that we had to wait on so long, I would have brought something to consume for my daughter.” “What would my child make with the wheelchair … she is too little to

sit on it?”she questioned. Another struggling parent was Mahesh Sharma, who was seen facing difficulty in making

his 4-year-old child, Lucky, rest on the wheelchair.”He does not sit for long, he feels comfortable only on the bed. He is in discomfort and we can not even leave now,”he said, adding that the authorities need to not have made them wait.Kamlesh, a mother of 23-year-old female who is facing neurological disorders, was discovered holding her child’s head throughout the

event.”What will I do with this wheelchair? I would have been grateful if they had actually helped me with a trolley or in some other method. My child can not rest on this,”she said.But some others were grateful to the Red Cross Society for offering them with wheelchairs.” My wheelchair was broken and I was worried that how will I purchase another one? I am grateful to the Red

Cross for this,” Nisha Kumari, who is struggling with polio, said. NO STALLS OUTSIDE PGIMER Vendors who set up their food and fruit stalls outside the PGIMER were also left high and dry due to the minister’s go to. No stall was seen outside the institute till afternoon.

Attendants of patients find

it convenient to purchase fruit and have food at these stalls. The Chandigarh local corporation that had put a mobile toilet near a short-lived shelter outside the location was removed as soon as the minister left. MC officials were likewise seen getting roadways resulting in the institute re-carpeted a couple of minutes before the minister’s arrival.