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Tim Allen Has A New Platform To Take A Stance On Leftist Hollywood

Actor Tim Allen is returning to the big screen to take on liberal Hollywood. | Photo credit Angry Patriot

Actor and comedian Tim Allen has been absent from television and movies for several months. He’s coming back to prove, that despite their attacks, he is still standing. Later this year, Allen hits the big screen to tackle the politically correct culture and liberal Hollywood.

Last year, Allen and his fans were blindsided by ABC’s decision to cancel Last Man Standing. The show had massive appeal among conservative audiences, with ratings putting it in the top-three for its respective time-slot.

Mr. Allen is not just loved for his acting and comedic skills, but also for his outspoken views on faith, politics, and Donald Trump. All of which, likely led to the cancellation of his show. Although, the network denied that their decision was politically motivated.

Nevertheless, the former Home Improvement star isn’t about to stay silent on the political correctness that he believes is destroying America. And that’s not the only the issue he’s talking about. The actor also has a message for his liberal colleagues in Hollywood.

This fall, Allen is joining fellow comedian Adam Corolla and conservative radio host Dennis Prager in the docudrama No Safe Spaces. Corolla and Prager set-out to do the film to address leftist attacks on free speech on college campuses and in Hollywood.

The latter is something Allen is very familiar with.

Hitler-esque Hollywood

Allen likens the liberal atmosphere in Hollywood to 1930’s Nazi Germany. | Photo credit The Daily Beast

In an interview last year, the comedian likened the liberal atmosphere in Hollywood to that of Nazi Germany. “You’ll get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody believes,” he said, admitting he was afraid to reveal he attended Trump’s inauguration.

“It’s like ’30’s Germany.”

Corolla seemed to echo his co-star’s sentiments in an interview with the Washington Post. “If we can’t have fun with one another than we lose our humanity,” he said. “If free speech goes, then our basic freedoms will follow soon after.”

The “contemporary left is the greatest threat to free speech in American history,” Prager added. 

To learn more about the No Safe Spaces project, you can visit the website. Meanwhile, grab a cup of coffee and listen to Allen discuss how PC culture is killing comedy: