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This Poor Dog Was Near Death On The Street, But What Happened To Him Is Amazing

The good people at Animal Aid Unlimited were shocked when they found Honey on the street. The poor dog”s maggot-infested wound on his neck looked beyond saving. Honey was near death, so the rescue organization immediately started his treatment and hoped that they had gotten to him in time. Luckily, they did, as his enormous wound managed to heal after three months of daily wound dressing and medical care.

Warning: this video starts off graphic and is quite difficult to watch. However, it”s totally worth it to see how happy and healthy Honey is at the end.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjG3WUinDGc?autoplay=0&w=700&h=394]

(source Animal Aid Unlimited, India)

I just loved seeing Honey run with the other dogs at the end. He looks like a brand new dog, unfazed by his past traumas.

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