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This Man Took An Innocent Nap At Work, And Now He’s Famous

A copywriter at an advertising agency called Brandenburg, Haukur Viar Alfresson is also an avid NBA fan. He even stayed up late to watch the playoffs despite the time difference between the U.S. and his home in Iceland. And we mean really late: he stayed up until 4 a.m., and had to be in the office just five hours later. Needless to say, he was tired.

During some downtime, Alfresson decided to catch a quick nap on the office couch. It all started off so innocently…

Here”s the original picture of Alfresson napping. Pretty innocuous, right?

Not if you work at Brandenburg.

Spying him snoozing on the couch, someone snapped a picture. Taking pictures and altering them into something silly is actually common practice in the Brandenburg office. It”s seen as a source of fun and camaraderie. However, Alfresson was the first lucky one of the bunch to have his altered photos posted to social media.

Some of the choices were obvious:

Some of the choices were obvious:

We think the flower crown is a wonderful addition.

Inspiration came in the form of fairy tales, classic literature, pop culture, and more. Some opted to stick with the theme of sleeping, referencing Sleeping Beauty and Snow White (Alfresson was even wearing a shirt with the Disney movie”s Grumpy character on it), while others decided to put him in all kinds of weird places.

“Draw me like one of your French girls.”

(via BuzzFeed, Daily Mail)

As for Alfresson, he”s taking the whole thing in stride. Currently traveling for business in Berlin, he”s letting his brother back home in Iceland handle the sudden Internet fame. “It”ll probably be over by the time I get back,” he says. “I haven”t thought about what I will do with my fame. I don”t know what I would use it for. I am in a band which nobody has ever heard of, so maybe I”ll promote that.”

Alfresson says that he took his nap during lunch, and that he was in no way reprimanded for sleeping at work. He describes Brandenburg as a fun, creative company. Based on this, we can see why.

Find more images on Brandenburg”s Facebook page. Hey, and while you”re at it, check out Alfresson”s band on SoundCloud.

We all know the real purpose for photo editing is for hilarity, as these people prove: