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This Disabled Bunny Was Going To Be Fed To Snakes, But Then He Did Something Epic

There”s a new attraction at the Liuzhou Zoo in China”s Guangxi Province. It”s not a weird, wild animal, or a near-extinct mammal. No, it”s a common white rabbit…with an uncommon way of getting around.

The cotton-tailed bunny suffers a disability in his hind legs that forces him to hop around solely on his front feet. Initially, he was brought to the zoo with several other rabbits to be used as food for the giant python. However, he was saved from that fate when they saw how he hopped.

They aren”t sure what caused the affliction in the young bunny, but they couldn”t help but be impressed by his resilience.

Spokesmen for the zoo say they are amazed by the increase in visitors the remarkable rabbit has caused.

This little guy has given the zoo way more than just a onetime meal for their python.

(source Metro)

The big snake might have been a little hungrier that day, but the smiles inspired by this cutie are totally worth it.