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This College Student Did Something That Will Make Your Inner Child Squeal

A student at Rice University in Texas is getting a lot of attention for something he did in his dorm room. David Nichol was inspired by a TED Talk given by robotics designer and comic writer Randall Munroe to define what adulthood means to him. In Nichol”s case, adulthood means having a ball pit in your dorm room. The senior did the math and realized it would take 13,000 plastic balls to turn his dorm into the ultimate adult children”s play place.

David Nichol”s Rice University dorm room.

If that”s not having fun, I don”t know what is.

While this might seem like another example of a college student gone mad with freedom, Nichol”s isn”t too far gone just yet. It”s not like his ball pit is a lawless territory. He drafted a set of rules for anyone who decides to step foot into his room. “”Da Rulz” are as follows:


2. No Shoes

3. Max 6 Peeps

4. Clean up balls that left the room.

5. No Food/Drank

6. If you make out, you get out

7. No Peeing

The no making out rule is suspect, but you have to admire his commitment to ensuring the safety of his fellow students.

Nichol enjoying his creation.

Nichol enjoying his creation.

(via The Washington Post)

I hope Nichol and his fellow students are enjoying the party while it lasts, because in May, it”ll be graduation caps and gowns for them and garbage bags for those balls. As Robert Frost said, “Nothing gold can stay.”