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This Ball Girl Had To Pick Up A Bug Off The Court, And Her Reaction Was Perfect

If you”ve ever watched tennis, you”ve probably seen a ball girl or ball boy run across the court to pick up balls that have gone astray. It”s not that hard of a job, and it actually looks like it could be a ton of fun. But something tells me this girl had no idea she was also in charge of stray bugs.

During a match, one tennis player spotted a bug on the court and asked to have it removed. The ball girl came to get it out of the way, but once she realized what she had to do, her reaction was priceless.

(via YouTube)

I guess she didn”t realize that ball girls also serve as de facto bug girls in situations like this. But props to her, because if this were me, I”d probably just make the player take care of it himself.

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