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They Took A Run-Down School Bus And Transformed It Into Awesomeness

We at ViralNova seriously love tiny houses. The tiny house trend is steadily gaining steam across the country and around the world as people reconsider the footprints they leave on the planet. It almost seems like everyone wants to figure out how they can live a more environmentally and financially responsible life. Aside from the larger-scale benefits of a small house, they”re also always amazing to look at in their ingenuity. They”re super darn cute, too.

In 2011, Mira and Jeremy Thompson purchased a 1989 school bus–you know, the classic big yellow kind that you probably spent a considerable amount of time on as a child. After that, the couple put some serious work into converting the 37-foot vehicle into a usable home. The results? Charming, as always.

The bus was converted using many reclaimed and recycled materials, including the floor, exterior shingles, and ceiling.

The house from the back. It”s tiny, to be sure, but that doesn”t mean it”s too small.

The Thompsons were sure to make use of every inch of space, which is pretty much required when you only have 37 feet of house to work with. They also made use of recycled, reclaimed, and second-hand materials, which kept the cost of the makeover relatively cheap.

Inside the house, the bus has been refinished to be perfectly livable.

Yes, it has a bathroom.

It also has a complete kitchen. The stove and vintage 1959 fridge both run on propane power.

Despite the house”s small size, the kitchen is actually pretty spacious.

The bus”s massive wheel wells were incorporated into the design, with one becoming a support for a cast-iron stove, which heats the home.

The other wheel well became a loveseat.

The bedroom is built into this little niche, making it super cozy and super cute.

On top of the bedroom, there”s a seating area where Jeremy likes to practice his guitar.

The house seems bigger inside than it does outside. The Thompsons found most of their home decor at flea markets and garage sales. This kept the overall cost down, and also gives the home a sense of character and charm.

Not too shabby for a school bus!

The bus”s makeover took time to complete, of course, and it finally made its debut this past October. It can still drive, and the couple did take it on a little trip to show it off. However, it”s not really built as a mobile home, just a tiny one. Whether or not it drives, though, it”s a great way to recycle old things and create something new and adorable!