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These Rock And Roll Jerks Will Make You Never Want To Go To A Concert Again.

Heavy rock and metal are genres that embrace the primal urges of mankind. They are the only music genres where “brutal” and “sludgy” are phrases of compliment when describing the sound of the musicians” instruments. Sometimes, the rock stars buy a little too far into their fans pagan worship of themselves and forget their manners. Here are a few of rocks most “brutal” lapses in social etiquette.

1.) Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan puts fan into a creepy, affectionate choke-hold. (2:45)

2.) Axl Rose leaps into crowd and beats up fan, leaves show because of “lame-ass security”. (0:35)

3.) Henry Rollins of Black Flag beats fan”s head after the fan tries to steal his microphone he uses to scream into.

4.) Nirvana subtly tries to get an ultra-weirdo off the stage, then… not so subtly. (0:35)

5.) Billie Joe Armstrong of Greenday dropkicks a fan, proceeds to play “Nice Guys Finish Last”.

Attending a concert is fun… but it”s a lot less to if you”re about to kick kicked in the face by your favorite musician. You shouldn”t live in fear of receiving such a kick, though. If you don”t try to fight with the band or jump onstage, you”re 80% safe.