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The Worst Christmas Presents Anyone Has Ever Received, And They’re Doozies

This is a fact that everyone should face: at some point in life, you will receive a bad present from someone. Usually, this will happen around Christmas time due to the frequency of gifts being given and received. Whether it be from your aunt, uncle, grandma, or even your own parents, you need to be able to realize this sad fact of life, bad presents are inevitable.

If you think you”ve gotten the worst present ever, wait until you read these brave souls confess what they got for Christmas and remember, it could be worse.

1. A cute lotion dispenser…that I had given to my grandmother the year before.

2. Abacus from my dad when I was 10.

3. A coconut. For real.

4. One year when I was a kid, my parents bought me a computer mouse. What makes it bad is that I didn”t have a computer, and had been asking for one for years.

5. A shaving kit…when I was 9 years old. Thanks grandma.

6. When I was 14, I received exactly one gift on Christmas Day. My aunt had regifted me… a fanny pack.

7. A few years ago my aunt gave me a rock.

8. I unwrapped the gift and it was a little tin box. I opened the box and there was a fake gift card there, like an indication of this is where you put the gift card. And I just looked at her like…what is it or whats going on? And she goes “It”s a gift card holder. You can put all your gift cards in there.”

9. A light-bulb. No card or note or anything. A box with a single light bulb inside.

10. My uncle bought me a Chris Angel magic set, Im 17.

11. Temporary glittery metallic tattoo kit made for an 8 year old girl (butterflies and phrases like “GIRLS RULE!”) when I was 15. I am male, too.

12. Expired cookie mix. I kid you not…I got expired cookie mix.

13. When me and my twin sister turned 16 she got a car in the driveway wrapped in a big bow and I got my parent”s old push-mower and a weed-whacker.

14. One sock.

15. NASCAR earrings. My dad won them in a claw machine.

16. Literally coal. Sister got a Gamegear along with games etc. as her stocking stuffer, let alone her other presents. I got a piece of coal. After the laughter died down I asked if I could open my real presents to be told that WAS my present.

17. My great aunt got me coat hangers one year.

18. A used cookbook, graciously given to me by the same people that gave my little sister a full snowboarding set, snowboard and all that other stuff you use when you snowboard.

19. This year I got a pair of pajamas that were identical to the pair I was wearing when I unwrapped them. Thanks again mom!

20. A pregnancy test. Very funny, Mom.

Now, the key to receiving awful presents is having a good poker face. You need to act like you are genuinely excited about all of these terrible presents, so make sure to practice your surprised face in the mirror.