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The Attraction of This Beach in Sydney Isn’t the Sun or Water. It’s the Art.

A collection of artists gather each year in Sydney, Australia, to create public sculptures. The collective spreads out over a 2 km distance along the beach and includes over 100 artists from around the world. These artists” zany and outlandish creations not only become a hot topic for locals, but will leave you in awe at the power of the human mind.

Don”t believe us? Prepare to be dazzled, Australia style!

Welcome to Sydney”s artist beach showdown, complete with a one of a kind frying pan by Andrew Hankin!

Cave Urbans “Save our Souls.”

Jonathan Leahey created this giant origami.

Jonathan Leahey created this giant origami.

Hidemi Tokutake, “Grow”

George Andric stole my favorite toy…and called it “Sisyphus.”

Harrie Fasher, “Which way forwards?”

Michael Greve”s “Breaching” is insanely accurate.

Ken Unsworth, “My House is Your Home”

Margarita Sampson”s “The Grove” is clearly the home to Dr. Seuss and company.

Stephen Marr”s “That Tranquil Moment” looks like a weird Buddha, right?

Kerrie Argent, Overconsumption

Kerrie Argent, Overconsumption

We”re sure Will Maguire”s “Big Man” is pretty stiff.

Hmm. Maybe you can explain “Tony,” by Ron Robertson-Swann.

Byeong-Doo Moon, “Our Memory in Your Place”

“The Boat Pool” by Ian Swift is pretty darn cool.

Linda Matthews, “Coast Totem”

Geoffrey Drake-Brockmans “Counter” runs higher with each person passing underneath.

Koichi Ishino, “Wind Stone The Threshold of Consciousness”

(via Visual News)

Since this event took place for the past 18 years, you should get your tickets for next year”s Sculpture by the Sea event now. It will run from the end of October to early November. You know we”ll be there!