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The 16 Most Ridiculously Pampered Celebrity Pets – These Guys Have It Made!

Celebrities live such glamorous lives. They”re in the spotlight constantly, having every part of their personal life examined. And yet, it seems like we know so little about who they really are. Like, what do they do with their lives when they”re not on screen or being chased by paparazzi? What happens when they wake up in the morning? What do they eat for breakfast? It”s all a mystery. But, one thing is for certain: Celebrities love their pets just as much as we love our own. The only difference is they”ve probably never had to clean up a litter box or throw out a poop bag.

From chickens to cats and cute little pooches, we”ve done our research on the most pampered celeb pets out there.

1. Ace, Carrie Underwood”s Rat Terrier

His momma takes him on tour with her all the time.

2. Britney Spears” two tiny pups

Britney Spears

The pop star showers them with clothes and spends a hefty amount on pet sitters each year.

3. Mutley, Mariah Carey”s little pooch

We don”t know too much about Mutley”s life, but we can definitely imagine what it must be like to live in this diva”s household.

4. Real Housewives” Lisa Vanderpump”s dog, Giggy

Real Housewives

This pup doesn”t drink out of any old water bowl – oh no. He slurps his water out of Baccarat crystal.

5. Mark Zuckerberg”s Puli, Beast

The pup has his own Facebook page with over 1 million likes.

6. Taylor Swift”s cats, Meredith and Olivia

Both cats have their own social media accounts. The duo has also been spotted in Taylor”s arms on walks through NYC.

7. Peep$, Ke$ha”s siamese kitten

Look at that, he even gets his own dollar sign in his name!

8. Ryan Gosling”s mutt, George

George, as you can see, gets some pretty spiffy haircuts. Not to mention, he gets to make late night TV appearances with his heartthrob owner.

9. Amanda Seyfrieds Australian shepherd, Finn

Amanda Seyfrieds Australian shepherd, Finn

This pup made his own late night debut on Letterman. He even performed some tricks!

10. Bieber”s former primate, Mally

Before Mally was seized in Germany, the little monkey went everywhere with the 19-year-old famous pop star. The little guy now lives in a German zoo with his own kind. Maybe that”s for the best?

11. Karl Lagerfeld”s cat, Choupette

The kitten has starred in her own film and gets regular manicures. I don”t even get regular manicures!

12. Bo Obama, the first dog

Bo Obama, the first dog

I can only imagine all the pampering this pup gets at the White House. He does, of course, take a private jet for all of his travels.

13. Paris Hilton”s armful of tiny pups

Paris now has eight dogs in total, and most recently dropped $40,000 on three tea cup pomeranian pups. Her most recognized pooch, Tinkerbell, wears a diamond-encrusted collar.

14. Coco Chanel, Tori Spellings” silkie chicken

Coco Chanel, Tori Spellings

This lucky bird gets to dress up in fancy outfits crafted by her famous mom.

15. Selena Gomez”s husky mix rescue, Baylor

She adopted him in 2011 and has been spoiling him ever since.

16. Blu, Kendall Jenner”s Great Dane

Her brother, Rob, gave Kendall the pup for her 18th birthday.

These are some really lucky animals! They definitely were dealt a good hand in life. Then again, any pet that finds a happy, responsible forever parent is lucky – and inevitably spoiled.