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Terry Crews: Hollywood ‘Like A Plantation’ And Uses ‘Extreme Violence’ Against #MeToo Accusers

Actor Terry Crews says that the #MeToo movement has not worked out in his favor in a town like Hollywood. After alleging that WME agent Adam Venit groped his crotch at a cocktail party, Crews says that the industry has retaliated forcefully against him.

“I walk in the room, and the room is split right down the middle,” the actor told BuzzFeed. “It just divides right there. It’s kind of like lightning.”

The LAPD recently announced that no charges will be brought againt Adam Venit because he did not touch Crews’ skin when the harassment allegedly occurred. After a month-long suspension from WME, Venit returned to the company, albeit with a small demotion. Crews has since brought a lawsuit against the agent and agency.

According to Crews, Hollywood insiders encouraged him to stay quiet regarding the allegation, including, he alleges, Avi Lerner, a producer for the “Expendables” movies.

“People don’t understand that Hollywood is a very violent place,” he said. “The best way to put it is that it’s like a plantation. You use extreme violence. You see a lot of people who never work again. For even speaking up the whole thing is that they cut your head off so that the next person doesn’t speak.”

Crews accepts whatever consequences will eventuate from speaking up.

“What I’ve been doing is just exposing. If this is the end of my career, just end it now,” he said. “Cause I’m gonna keep living, I’m gonna keep doing my thing. But if I don’t do another ‘Expendables,’ then let’s not do another one. I’m OK with that.”