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Terry Crews exposes that he was when sexually assaulted by a Hollywood executive

(Photo: Mike Windle/Getty Images)

Probably empowered by the sight of, a variety of individuals in the show business have actually started opening about their own experiences with effective guys in Hollywood requiring them into unwanted sexual circumstances. The majority of individuals speaking out today are female, due to the truth that females and girls are even more likely to be the victims of sexual violence. (90 percent of adult rape victims and 82 percent of juvenile victims are female, according to

RAINN.) In case we required a reminder that there is no “default” face for victims of harassment or attack, a rather unexpected voice spoke up today about his own experiences: Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews.Crews revealed the details of the event on Twitter, stating a story in which an unnamed”high level”Hollywood executive strolled up to him at a celebration last year and grabbed his genitals.Besides being shocking in its own right, Crews’ story is a reminder that the kind of helplessness predators engineer

in their victims has absolutely nothing to do with physical strength; at 6 ‘4 “and 250 pounds, the former linebacker is one of the biggest men operating in Hollywood, and he was still left with no recourse however to just ignore the guy who groped him. Crews, at least, got an apology the next day, which is more than a lot of get when confronting their enemies. He still was left with not simply a traumatic event, but also the sense that no one would listen to or believe him if he came forward with his experience. That mindset will hopefully begin to shift as more individuals come forward to discuss sexual assault, robbing aggressors of the power that a culture of secrecy produces.