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Talk About A Party Pooper, Sweet 16 Ruined By Poop Falling From The Sky

Sweet 16? How about a Number Two?

One girl’s birthday party in Levittown, Pennsylvania ended for a pretty awful reason. Or a hilarious reason, depending on how you look at it. Comedy is tragedy plus time. At Jacinda‘s party, poop fell from the air.

Joe Cambray, her stepfather, was playing horseshoes in the backyard, while others were swimming. 40 people attended the party in all. And then… suddenly… it began to rain. But, it wasn’t really rain. An airplane released it’s waste over their entire party.

A huge mess landed on their canopy, which they purchased just hours earlier to give the guests some protection from the sun, protected them from an unnatural occurrence. Airplanes are supposed to deposit their waste at airports, according to law, not over parties they weren’t invited to!

“We just got done with cake thank God! It was brown. It was everywhere,” said one party goer.

“It looked like, if a hundred birds flew over and went to the bathroom simultaneously, that’s what it would look like,” said Cambray.

How bad does a party have to be to literally be sh*t on?