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Stop Praying For A Right Swipe: Hilary Duff Was Using Tinder For All The Wrong Reasons

As if the dating scene isn’t hard enough, now you have to deal with celebrities lying about their desire to use online dating? Hilary Duff, we trusted you. We thought you were just looking for love, like the rest of us schlubs. We feel… we feel used. Our love for you is now So Yesterday.

The singer debuted her song “Sparks” last month, and it is worthy of “summer jam” status, but she just dropped the video for it. It turns out, when she was telling interviewers about using the dating app Tinder, she was just going to use it for her own music video.

Is it bad we feel a little betrayed? We thought she was like us. The recent divorcee trying to get back into the dating scene. So desperate she’ll turns to dating apps. Just like us. Imagine the guys she got to go on a date with her. Their hearts must be crushed! Also, was this music video brought to you by the people of Tinder? The video shows Duff and her friends setting up her profile, her admitting on a radio station it’s real, them reacting to different profiles of guys, and her going on dates.

Check it out below, let us know what you think.