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‘Star Wars’: Mark Hamill To Get Star On Hollywood Stroll Of Fame

More than 40 years since Mark Hamill debuted in the groundbreaking Star Wars, the actor is making a star of his own, being honored on the Hollywood Walk of Popularity in Hollywood, California. Hamill’s will be the 2,630 th star inducted into the Stroll of Popularity, with an event taking place on March 8th to honor his accomplishments.

“Star Wars fans will be over the moon that hearing their idol Mark Hamill is going to be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Popularity. We are proud to include this remarkable star on our historical Stroll of Fame,” Ana Martinez, producer of the Stroll of Fame events, shared in a statement.Throughout much of the ’80s,

the star was most understood for Luke Skywalker, with the ’90s ushering in a wealth of voice roles, most significantly as the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. To some, Hamill’s representation of the character is the defininginterpretation of the DC Comics villain, sealing the actor’s legacy as strongly as his representation Luke Skywalker.Throughout much of the marketing trip, Hamill regularly explained how surprised and shocked

he was by the directions writer/director Rian Johnson took Luke Skywalker, in spite of eventually happening to appreciate Johnson’s vision. Fans who were unhappy with Luke’s backstory in the years because Return of the Jedi controlled Hamill’s interviews to communicate how the star begrudgingly took part in the movie, despite vehemently opposing the narrative. In the months considering that release, Hamill has applauded Johnson’s vision in hopes of dismaying more detractors of the film.The Last Jedi arrive at Digital HD March 13th and on Blu-ray and DVD March 27th. comments Let us understand which other members of the Star Wars legend deserve a star

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