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‘Star Trek 4’ Has Supposedly Lost Not One However 2 Hollywood Chrises, Putting The Motion picture’s Future In Jeopardy

< img src=https://assets.rbl.ms/18295858/origin.jpg > Attention all Star Trek fans! Star Trek 4 just may be in for a significant plot twist.

Chris Pine has actually played the captain of the USS Enterprise for 3 Star Trek movies. Most just recently, Chris Hemsworth made a cameo appearance as Chris Pine’s father, George Kirk, in Star Trek: Into the Darkness. He was slated to have a bigger role in the upcoming fourth installment.But the current report is that both Chrises, imbued with their DC and Marvel glory, can no longer be afforded by the Star Trek franchise.It’s not surprising that with Star Trek: Beyond grossing less than$ 350 million while Pine’s Marvel Lady movie, where he plays Gal Gadot‘s love interest, Steve Trevor, grossed over$820 million and Hemsworth’s newest Thor film eclipsed$850 million. Obviously, Paramount and Skydance are withdrawing from contracts, and most likely incomes, that had been previously established.Without Hemsworth, and specifically Pine, the movie’s future is questionable.Some think it’s an excellent opportunity for a new angle.But mainly, people cannot envision the

film without at least one Chris.Either way, it appears like Paramount and Skydance will go”where no [Star Trek film] has actually preceded”. H/T: Uproxx,< a href =https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/star-trek-4-chris-pine-chris-hemsworth-talks-fall-1133802 target=_ blank > Hollywood Press reporter