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Spectators Banned! Baltimore Orioles Will Play The Chicago White Sox In Front Of An Empty Stadium

This looks like a post apocalyptic wasteland.

If you haven’t been following the news, times are tense in Baltimore.

Following the death & funeral of Freddie Gray, a young black man who died in police custody, there was rioting all over the city.

Due to the heightened police presence and major clashes with protesters, the MLB has decided to ban fans from attending the Baltimore Orioles home game against the Chicago White Sox today.

It’s not about punishing the city or anything, it’s all about safety.

With so much chaos and turmoil having happened only a day ago, allowing a huge crowd to gather in one place, for a high-emotion contest between two sports teams seems like a powder keg just waiting to blow.

An MLB spokesperson said:

After conferring with local officials, it was determined that Wednesday afternoon’s game should be played without fan admittance in order to minimize safety concerns.”

This apparently hasn’t ever happened in the history of baseball. The game will still be broadcast on TV and the radio, it’s just no fans will be allowed into Oriole Park.

The MLB tweeted out two Great Depression-looking photos:

But what about the ticket holders?

Anyone with tickets to the game can use them to attend the upcoming May 28th home game.

The Orioles also already moved three upcoming games against the Tampa Bay Rays down to Florida.

ESPN anchor/baseball aficionado Keith Olbermann tweeted an interesting fact:

This isn’t the first time the MLB has postponed a game over security concerns.

Dodgers games were moved after the Rodney King riots in LA in 1994. Back in ’67, riots in Detroit forced a game to be moved to Baltimore. After 9/11, all baseball was called off for a week.

But this is totally new. The game isn’t moving. The game isn’t postponed. They’re locking the stadium doors and playing anyway.

Just look at how empty it is.

Brittany Ghiroli, an MLB.com Orioles reporter, is actually at the game. She tweeted some pictures of the awkwardly empty stadium:

While it’s really sad that this had to happen in the first place, this might be the most peaceful, relaxing game these guys ever play.