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Shep Smith goes ballistic on Trump, makes at least 2 brand-new uber-lib celeb fans and entire lotta backlash

Shepard Smith needs to get a grip.The anti-Trump Fox News host went off on yet another unhinged tirade where he knocked the Trump administration for “a lot of lying! “Smith was reacting to revelations that fired nationwide security advisor Michael Flynn had lobbied for the Turkish federal government last year before he was hired to Trump’s cabinet.During a section presenting AP reporter Julie Bykowicz, Smith completely went off. He went a step even more by insisting that the Trump administration definitely talked with the Russians when there’s NO PROOF of these claims: There’s been a great deal of lying, Julie! There’s been lying about who you talk

to, and by great deals of individuals. And almost undoubtedly and invariably, they were lying about talking with the Russians, about something. It’s excessive lying and too much Russia and excessive smoke!FOX’s Shep Smith Again Calls Out Trump’s Russia Conspiracy … let’s

trade Joe Scarborough for him … Early Morning Shep 😀👍pic.twitter.com/l4ueOkHkT5!.?.!The White Home stated Thursday that President Trump was not aware that Flynn had actually lobbied on behalf of the Turkish government before he was appointed national security advisor.”I do not think that was known,” White Home press secretary Sean Spicer said.Underscoring that Trump made the right choice in firing him, Flynn registered today with the Department of Justice’s foreign representative registration unit, confessing he was paid $530,000 in 2015 while working for a business owned by a Turkish

business person. As a civilian, Flynn was enabled to do that, however he ought to have registered with the DOJ much earlier.Unemployed moonbats Rosie O’Donnell and Cher both praised Shepard Smith’s tirade,< a href=http://twitchy.com/wa-37/2017/03/09/rosie-odonnell-and-cher-cheer-on-shepard-smith-after-he-accuses-trump-team-of-too-much-lying/ target= _ blank > Twitchy noted. Neither appears to realize that as a”news”anchor, Smith is expected to provide the news objectively– not inject his personal opinions or use his platform to gush anti-Trump rants.Last month, Fox News audiences made restored calls for Smith to be fired after another round of attacks versus President Trump. Smith never called out Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama’s blatant lies so enthusiastically.While libs on Twitter concurred with Rosie and Cher, lots of others required Smith to be fired yet again. Not since he’s anti-Trump, but due to the fact that he’s unprofessional and misrepresents himself as a”journalist”when he’s a partisan hack.I am gon na tweet this face daily until Fox fires this POS!He is not reasonable &

balanced!He dislikes ourPOTUS!ShepSmith is a wicked corrupt asshole! pic.twitter.com/dQ8mnlNF8D!.?.!@TwitchyTeam!.?.! what a a$$. I always alter the station when he begins. I simply hope they fire him actually soon!.?.!@TwitchyTeam!.?.! … great grief FOX, get rid of that person!! Enough!!@TwitchyTeam!.?.! Shepherd should be in CNN which has plenty of phony news -like him!