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She Ran Into A Pack Of Angry Dogs To Save A Creature You’ll Cheer At The End

There are many people throughout the world that consider hunting a sport. However, there are just as many that believe that non-essential hunting (i.e., not for sustenance) is cruel. When you see this video, it’ll be difficult not to side with the latter group.

When hunters and their dogs cornered a fox, this woman decided that she needed to intervene. Fox hunting is a crime in the U.K., where this video was taken, so it was very brave and righteous for her to save the fox.

ESCALOFRIANTE Mujer salva a zorro mientras era cazado

Activistas en Reino Unido salen cada fin de semana a sabotear la caza del zorro, que es ILEGAL, pero que permiten igualmente. Arriesgando su vida literalmente entre cazadores que ya han matado y agredido humanos. En este vAdeo escalofriante podeis ver a una mujer salvando en Aoltimo minuto a un zorro que ya estaba siendo cazado.Caza es asesinato!AyAodanos a seguir salvando animales:a-o Hazte socio desde 6a al mes: http://bit.ly/sociaLVASa-o Haz Teaming con nosotros y dona 1a al mes: http://bit.ly/1lifs2xa-o Dona: Banco SantanderIBAN ES95 0049 4388 3028 9001 5697Paypal: info@leonveganoanimalsanctuary.org

Posted by Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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This was quite a heroic thing to do. She didn’t hesitate to run into a wild pack of angry dogs to save that poor fox. That’s how noble she is and how much she cares about the anti-fox hunting laws in her country.