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Seth MacFarlane Makes Accidental Argument Against Celebrity Activism

However this tweet is mind-numbingly stupid.If you eat corn however have no idea ways to grow it, your viewpoint concerning the ability is less legitimate than that of a farmer. If you view standup but don’t perform it, your viewpoint regarding the craft is less legitimate than that of a comedian. So listen difficult to exactly what Jeff Ross has to state: https://t.co/UuYQZzWKx9!.?.!He’s stating that people who aren’t self-professed specialists in a topic have no authority to speak on that subject. Think of this. He’s a politically active celeb. Who makes his living in dick and fart jokes. Now he states you should not speak on problems you aren’t experienced in yourself.Let’s play this out. Non-comedians cannot slam comedy they don’t find funny. M’kay. Then brain dead stars can’t speak up on guns. Climate change. Women’s rights if they’ve ever dealt with Harvey Weinstein. If this is the standard, the majority of Hollywood should just give their opinions on playing pretend and ignoringsexual assault.Wait … I’m rethinking my position on this.I’m not on the side of individuals acting annoyed by Michelle Wolf. Vice versa. But funny is art and art is at least subjective. Anybody who doesn’t discover something funny is able to say so, even if they’ve never composed a joke prior to. Much like people who are not chefs can discuss whether they like a dish. Individuals who are not directors can talk about whether or not they liked Justice League. People who are not doucheburritos can talk about self-important douches imitating dicks. You see the style, I’m sure.And so we’re all clear, Dean Martin is the master of the roast. Not Jeffrey Ross.