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SEE: Hollywood Celebrities Attack NRA As Their Market Collapses From Sex Scandals

Numerous Hollywood celebs teamed up with a weapon control group bankrolled by billionaire Michael Bloomberg to assault gun rights and the NRA, as their market is in the middle of collapsing after being rocked by sex scandals.In a video launched on Wednesday by Everytown for Weapon Safety, stars consisting of Sheryl Crow, Melissa McCarthy, Adam Scott, Emma Stone, and Julianne Moore are included spreading out fear about firearms. The video can be found in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre as the stars encourage individuals to call Congress and need that they not support any procedures backed by the NRA.As usual, the radical anti-gun group totally deserted all reasoning and reason with the video as they disregarded that the Las Vegas shooter did not break any laws in obtaining his guns. Even hardcore anti-gunner Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) confessed that no gun laws would have stopped the Las Vegas shooter.Everytown for Weapon Safety

‘s video declared that suppressors would make mass shootings deadlier because individuals may not have the ability to hear the gunshots– a claim that they offer no proof to support and is easily refutable. Even< a href= http://money.cnn.com/2015/02/01/news/companies/silencers-guns/index.html > CNN states declarations like those are incorrect, as suppressors decrease the decibel level of a firearm to the exact same level as a jackhammer. What is a lot more outrageous aboutthis video is that it comes while the extremely market that these celebrities operate in is collapsing in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein unwanted sexual advances scandal in which at least 30 females have come forward claiming they were sexually bugged or raped by the Hollywood mogul.The surprising claims have caused numerous accusations made against other members of the Hollywood elite as the New york city cops, FBI, and London police have begun examinations into some of the claims.