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Ruined Actress Publicly Frets About ICE Removing Hollywood Servants

She must have struck too near home.Hollywood actress and self-described “activist” Amber Heard was taking fire from both sides of the migration debate today after a now-deleted Twitter post she released on July 3 cautioning her Tinseltown neighbors that she ‘d heard a checkpoint had actually been set up by Migrations and Customizeds Enforcement.The tweet revealed much more about the Hollywood mentality than Heard ever could have intended.”Just heard there’s an ICE checkpoint in hollywood,

a few blocks from where I live. Everybody better offer their maids, nannies and landscapers a flight home tonight …”Heard wrote.Heard deleted the tweet. Unfortunately for her– but fortunately for the migration

debate in the United States– it was caught and posted by other users, like this screen shot from Twitchy.com. Starlet Amber Heard posted and deleted a tweet warning her Hollywood next-door neighbors about a reported ICE checkpoint on July 3, 2018. The ramification is clear enough: The domestic servants who make the difficult life habitable for the Hollywood glitterati are all border

jumpers living in the United States illegally.If a conservative like Hollywood actor James Woods had posted a remark like that on Twitter, liberals would be apoplectic, claiming he had slurred an entire social cast as rife with illegal aliens.Heard may have thought her status as an authentic” activist”( it states so on her Twitter bio, after all )would secure her from any backlash. If that’s exactly what she believed, she thought incorrect. According to Individuals publication, Heard took heat from liberals, like one who accused her of trafficking in outdated stereotypes.Is this an indication of how Hollywood liberals really feel about prohibited immigration?One wrote:” hi, amber.

i enjoy you a lot so i’m going to state this to you: not all immigrants are housekeepers, baby-sitters and landscapers(not that there’s anything incorrect with being one)but this stereotype must have long been eradicated”Some even believed Heard may have been being ironical(as Woods would certainly have been )and buffooning the Hollywood liberals as only taking an interest in unlawful migration to protect their domestic-servant work force.Regrettably, sarcasm was not the objective. Heard deleted the post after it was gotten by the chatter website TMZ, but in a follow-up tweet, protected it as making a “easy declaration.”With this human rights crisis being so politicized, it is hard to make an easy declaration w/out it being utilized to sidetrack from the real concerns. Its hard for everybody to not be adversely impacted by this subject n some way

. pic.twitter.com/nZ0PrMet4G!.?.!— Amber Heard(@realamberheard)< a href =" https://twitter.com/realamberheard/status/1014165879016382464?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw" > July 3, 2018 The issue for Heard is that making a”simple declaration “is exactly what she was doing– she just might not have been making the declaration she intended.But conservative Twitter

users heard it loud and clear: Sounds like another liberal is fretted her unlawful home servants are about to be deported and she’ll have to pay minimum wage for a legal

person to work for her. pic.twitter.com/zugMkusyjB!.?.!— Ҝŗïšדּө ╒ ữЯ Happy Independence Day!(@EuroRaver ) July 4, 2018 #IllegalsOutNow Amber, you just do not get it. You’re confusing individuals who came here in an open and sincere way, with those who slip in and attempt to prevent all things American and legal. You have to examine your racist, Anti-Americanism and check out some history. Flexibility can’t be

stolen.– Nanuq’s Arctic MAGA(@tonyb52) July 3, 2018 provide flights home? to the ones you most likely pay under the table,

do not report on your taxes, and pay listed below minimum wage, those housemaids, nannies, and landscapers?– Pamela( @Carousilly ) July 4, 2018 Here’s the thing. In her mind, Heard most likely was making a” basic declaration.”That the lords and girls of Hollywood owe it to the lower orders who wait on them, trim their hedges and raise their children to make sure they don’t get captured by the federal government– because those house servants are all unlawful aliens, of course.But the”simpleness”of the statement– the casual racism and presumption of superiority it implies– is precisely what liberals continuously accuse conservatives of.What conservatives appreciate in the prohibited immigration fight is the rule of law, and whether a nation that can’t manage its own borders deserves to be called a country at all.What Hollywood liberals care about– Heard’s Twitter post informed the world– is maintaining a labor force of domestic servants offered to coddle the already-coddled lives of the entertainment world’s elite. Celebrities can publish moving, black and white photos of little girls all they desire, but in the end, it comes down to

exploitation.And that message, for liberals, simply hit too near to home.Facebook has actually considerably lowered the distribution of our stories in our readers ‘newsfeeds and is rather promoting traditional media sources. When you share to your pals, nevertheless, you significantly help distribute our content.

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