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Piece of Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Hits eBay for $500



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Trump’s Walk of Fame Star Piece of theDebris Up for Auction … ZERO Quotes So Far

7/27/2018 1:34 PM PDT

Piece of Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Popularity Star Hits eBay for $500

The remains of Donald Trump’s Hollywood Stroll of Popularity star are now on the open market … but it won’t come cheap, in spite of the fact it’s pocket-sized.

An eBay user who states he nabbed a piece of the star debris after Austin Clayobliterated it with a pickax, has actually put it up for auction … with a starting bid of $500.

There’s still about a week left on the auction, however as of now– nobody’s biting.More problem

for the seller too– because the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce legally owns the Trump star– even the smashed up bits– it has the power to close down the sale.So, if you truly desire this piece of history … get it while it’s hot. Or, just wait for the next star to get ruined. Seems bound to take place.