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[PHOTO] Sexiest Superstar Tattoos– Justin Bieber & More Of The Sexiest Tatted Men

Ooh la la! David Beckham got tattooed again and we’re beyond consumed. In honor of the soccer star’s newest body art addition, we’ve assembled the sexiest people in Hollywood who have tattoos just too hot too handle!David Beckham

added another hot tattoo on his shin when he dropped in the Shamrock Social Cub in Hollywood. His newest tat joined the more than 40 designs he currently has all over his body. The 41 year-old dad of 4 has actually certainly got to be among the most tatted stars! In honor of David’s most current addition, we’ve rounded up the most popular guys with the sexiest tattoos out there!David has not

been the only star to get tattooed recently. Drake apparently got a tattoo of the iconic singerSade’s face on the side of his torso in March. The 30 year-old rapper got his latest body art while he was on his Kid Fulfills World Trip. He met Sade while he remained in London, which may have stimulated his choice to get the ink. That tat would just be another addition to the currently 20 he has!The members of One Direction absolutely have got more than their reasonable share of hot tattoos. Liam Payne, 23, has tattoo sleeves on both of his arms! The ink even extended onto his hands where he has an eagle on one hand and a lion on the other. Harry Styles, 23, got his own hot design inspired by the animal kingdom. He’s a got a quite large butterfly on his chest. Zayn Malik, 24, has a full sleeve on his right arm and his left arm has a lot of ink plus some smaller sized ink designs on his chest and shoulders.Adam Levine has actually revealed off his large range of tattoos while performing with Maroon 5. The 38 year-old vocalist has got a complete sleeve down his left arm, not to point out tattoos on his upper body, shoulders, back, and best arm. Not to be outshined by Adam’s excellent back tattoo, Justin Theroux, 45, has an extreme one himself. Jennifer Aniston’s, 48, hubby has gota couple of small tats on his legs and torso, however his back has actually been practically entirely covered in one huge design!HollywoodLifers, which tattooed superstar is your fav? Noise off in the remarks listed below!

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