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If You Thought ‘The Exorcist’ Was Scary, Wait Until You Hear The Film’s Original Score

Perhaps one of the greatest scary movies of all time, The Exorcist was a horror show before the film even made it to theaters. Several big Hollywood producers of the time turned it down (including Kubrick), the crew became sick with mysterious illnesses, and the toddler of one of the main actors was hit by a motorbike.

Many in the industry believed the film to be “cursed.”

Another setback to production was the fact that the film’s original score made people actually want to vomit. Composer Lalo Schifrin (who also wrote the Mission: Impossible theme) went all out for the original trailer music. The heaviness of the sounds combined with the intense flashing images allegedly caused viewers to run to the bathrooms.

You’ve been warned…here’s the original trailer for The Exorcist, which caused Warner Bros. to demand director William Friedkin fire Schifrin.


And here is more from Schifrin’s expertly creepy score.


(via Dangerous Minds)

Rumor has it that Friedkin was so distraught about the studio’s reaction that he took the audio reels and literally threw them out of the window. He decided then to use modern classical compositions to score his movie, most notably the track “Tubular Bells” by Mike Oldfield.

You’ll Never Believe The 23 Odd Items People Will Actually Eat As Snacks. OMG…

Traveling can teach us so much about the world. We get to know different cultures, different people, and perhaps the most interesting thing: the weird stuff people find tasty. Borsch chips – why not? Potato jelly – totally. Cheese fish sausages – delicious.

But before you think, “That sounds disgusting” (which it does), give it a whirl. You never know, you could end up falling in love with prawn cheese. Before you hop a plane back to the states, be sure to stock up!

1. Preserved Duck Eggs

Preserved Duck Eggs

Popular in China, these funky eggs are eaten during dim sum, at breakfast, and at snack time.

2. Prepared Shredded Squid

Prepared Shredded Squid

I love calamari, but without any seasoning or dip, this could lead to a serious case of dry mouth.

3. BBQ Bamboo Worms

BBQ Bamboo Worms

I”m sure they”re filled with protein…?

4. Gravy Candy

Gravy Candy

Like gravy so much you could eat it like candy? Wish granted.

5. Wasabi Kit Kat

Wasabi Kit Kat

Because I definitely want my mouth to be on fire when I eat a chocolatey treat…

6. Sandwich in a Can

Sandwich in a Can

There”s NO way that”s what it looks like when it comes out.

7. Placenta Drinks

Placenta Drinks

These popular Japanese drinks are believed to give people a more youthful appearance. They”re made with various animal placentas.

8. Asparagus Biscuits

Asparagus Biscuits

Before asparagus fans get excited, these don”t taste like the green veggie. Instead, they”re only meant to look like them, and taste like black sesame. Lies.

9. Spotted Dick

Spotted Dick

Don”t let the name fool you. This suet pudding (made with beef or mutton fat) with raisins is super popular in Britain.

10. Seasoned Silkworms

Seasoned Silkworms

Sadly, these aren”t instant gratification snacks – you have to boil these pre-seasoned silkworms before chowing down.

11. Salty Crab Bites

Salty Crab Bites

If you”re a fan of goldfish, these mini crabs you can eat whole might pique your interest.

12. Clamato Tortilla Chips

Clamato Tortilla Chips

Popular in Canada, this flavor is part tomato juice, part clam juice.

13. Every Burger Cookies

There are so many questions. Like, are these actual burgers? If so, how many preservatives are in there?

14. Cheese Fish Sausage

Cheese Fish Sausage

I like cheese and fish and sausages. All together in one place? I”m skeptical.

15. Borsch Potato Chips

Borsch Potato Chips

Fancy some Ukranian beetroot soup-flavored chips?

16. Grilled Chicken Paprika Chips

Grilled Chicken Paprika Chips

These actually sound delicious.

17. Prawn Cheese Spread

Prawn Cheese Spread

You”d be surprised to learn this is sold at IKEA.

18. Potato Jelly

Potato Jelly

Thanks, but no thanks.

19. Shrimp Crackers

Shrimp Crackers

I wonder if they go well with tartar sauce.

20. Dried Wild Fish

Dried Wild Fish

It”s like the fish form of beef jerky!

21. Fermented Shark Cubes

Fermented Shark Cubes

If you”re looking for something fishy, this Icelandic snack might hit the spot.

22. Scorpion Lolipops

Scorpion Lolipops

Because why wouldn”t you want a scorpion paired with fruit-flavored candy?

23. Flavored Larvae

Flavored Larvae

Cheddar cheese or BBQ – such a hard choice…

So, what did I learn? Other cultures really love mixing cheese and shrimp together. That, and worms and bugs appear to be snacks of choice in many places. Come on, America, get with the times!

Or don”t, I”m cool with that, too.

Federal prosecutor found dead on Hollywood Beach possibly …

A federal district attorney who was discovered dead this week on a South Florida beach potentially suffered head injury, authorities stated.

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Denver Teacher Shares Heartbreaking Confessions From Students

It All Stared With A Prompt…

Kyle Schwartz, a teacher at Denver’s Doull Elementary, wanted a fun way to learn more about her students. She gave them the prompt, ” I wish my teacher knew…” to see what her students would tell her, and she gave them the option for letters be anonymous.

“As a new teacher, I struggled to understand the reality of my students’ lives and how to best support them,” she told ABC News. “I just felt like there was something I didn’t know about my students.”

"As a new teacher, I struggled to understand the reality of my students' lives and how to best support them," she told <a href="http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/denver-teacher-shares-heartbreaking-notes-from-third-graders04162015" target="_blank"><i>ABC News</i></a>. "I just felt like there was something I didn't know about my students."

She found that not only did the students willingly include their names, but they enjoyed sharing with the class.

“Ninety-two percent of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch,” Schwartz tells ABC News.

When she took to twitter with #iwishmyteacherknew, photos of notes from other schools came pouring in from around the world.

When she took to twitter with #iwishmyteacherknew, photos of notes from other schools came pouring in from around the world.

The students’ notes gave her an inside look at what the children’s lives were like outside of the classroom.

The students' notes gave her an inside look at what the children's lives were like outside of the classroom.

Schwartz told ABC News her goal was “[b]uilding community in my classroom.”

“After one student shared that she had no one to play with at recess, the rest of the class chimed in and said, ‘we got your back,'” she said.

“The next day during recess, I noticed she was playing with a group of girls. Not only can I support my students, but my students can support each other.”

Schwartz has setup a donors page to help her students. She hopes her lesson can help her connect students and their families with the proper resources they need to live comfortably.

Schwartz has setup a donors <a href="http://www.donorschoose.org/kylemschwartz/?historical=true" target="_blank">page</a> to help her students. She hopes her lesson can help her connect students and their families with the proper resources they need to live comfortably.