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A Performer Began Singing A Classic Song…What Happened Next Left Me In Awe

The musicians behind Playing For Change want to inspire and connect the world through their music. After seeing this video of numerous members of the organization playing a wonderful rendition of the Otis Redding soul classic, “Sittin” On The Dock Of The Bay,” you”ll feel totally inspired yourself. Their music is just so beautiful, and makes it easy to see how music can truly connect people.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Es3Vsfzdr14?rel=0&w=700&h=394]

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That was certainly fun to listen to. I ended up “chair dancing” pretty heavily to this one.

12 películas de Hollywood que no sabías que fueron filmadas en México (FOTOS)

Desde películas futuristas, hasta clásicos de acción y terror han elegido México como el escenario perfecto para desarrollar sus historias.

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Hollywood Famous Celebrities Who Connected The Knot In Indian Wedding Event Custom

4 Non-Indian Hollywood Celebrities Who Got Inspired From Indian Traditions To Tie The Knot

< img src= http://www.bollywoodshaadis.com/img/article-l-20171235510572039440000.jpg alt="4 Non-Indian Hollywood Celebrities Who Got Inspired From Indian Customs To Connect The Knot" > A wedding event is a holy routine, in which two individuals commit themselves to each other, promise to be in love and stay with each other till death does them apart. With the world turning into a worldwide town, increasingly more people are anticipating getting married according to cultures and traditions aside from their own. Indian wedding events or vivah is one such tradition which has seen a huge rise among a variety of people from around the world.And not just Indians or NRIs, a growing number of people from other nations too are revealing their love in Indian wedding events. We have compiled here, a list of Hollywood celebrities, who decided to tie the knot or restore their promises as per Indian traditional wedding. Have a look!

# 1. Katy Perry And Russell Brand

Katy Perry And Russell Brand Indian Wedding

American vocalist and songwriter, Katy Perry(then 25 years old) tied the knot with English comedian, activist, and actor Russell Brand, Ten Years senior to her. The much-touted spiritual couple decided to take their promises prior to a Christian minister and a veteran friend of Katy’s household amid the stunning environment of Arman-I-Khas resort in Rajasthan. Katy and Russell flew with their guests, around 80 close pals and member of the family from worldwide weeks before their special day. Their personal wedding belonged of week-long series of celebrations.

Katy Perry And Russell Brand Indian Wedding

The couple’s wedding event invite was grand, with a classy silver-white card announcing their wedding, accompanied with a bottle of wine. For the D-day, the venue was embellished according to Indian royal culture, with a mix of marigold flowers and gorgeous white lilies. A night prior to the wedding event, the couple had a Bollywood themed party for their visitors. Russell was dressed up in traditional kurta-pyjama, while Katy wore a pretty red saree, and the visitors matched them with their common Indian ensembles.

Katy Perry And Russell Brand

Then Hollywood’s hottest set, Katy and Russell got married on October 23, 2010, at the high-end resort outside the Ranthambhore tiger sanctuary. It was like a normal Indian wedding, where the groom strolled in, with his family members sitting atop an elephant leading the baraat. Even the bride made a grand entrance, as she arrived on another elephant. She actioned in amid the enchanting important piece comprising of the sitar, tabla, santoor, nagadas and vedic chanting.

# 2. Heidi Klum And Seal

Heidi Klum And Seal Indian Wedding

The German supermodel, Victoria’s Secret Angel and starlet, Heidi Klum, got&wed to R&B vocalist and songwriter, Seal on May 10, 2005, in a conventional white wedding event at a beach in Mexico. Ever since then, every year on their anniversary the couple restore their swears amidst friends and household. The reason why they made it to this list is the grand Indian wedding celebration, which they held in 2008, to mark their third wedding anniversary. The couple had also checked out the Indian city Varanasi, which motivated them to renew their promises according to the Indian standard way. A close pal of Seal exposed that the vocalist was mesmerised by the Vedic shouting he heard around the city.

Heidi Klum And Seal Indian Wedding

The couple then decided to hold a traditional Hindu wedding on their third anniversary. They handled to produce a mini-banaras at the Costa Careyes Beach, Mexico. The event was performed by Pandit Shailesh Tripathi, who was specifically flown in from Varanasi to solemnise the couple’s vows. It was a normal Indian wedding setup, complete with motif embellished mandap in the middle of marigold flower designs, and visitors wearing standard Indian dresses like banarasisarees, lehenga, sherwanis and kurtas. Heidi was dressed up in heavily embroidered bridal red lehenga-choli and odhani, which she combined up with exquisite jewellery- a maang teeka, matha patti and suhaag ki choodiyan. Seal, on the other hand, looked dapper in an ethnic black sherwani.

Heidi Klum And Seal

The celebration began with Ganesh Pujan according to Hindu customs followed by Navgrah Puja, and saat pheras. Heidi’s moms and dads also carried out the kanyadaan (an event to mark the distributing of the bride), and paon pujai (where the groom’s feet are washed).

After seven years of marriage, the couple chose to separate and finally in 2015, the divorce was filed.

# 3. Elizabeth Hurley And Arun Nayar

Elizabeth Hurley And Arun Nayar Indian Wedding

English design and starlet, Elizabeth Hurley and Indian fabric successor Arun Nayar began dating in 2002, and five years in the future March 2, 2007, the couple connected the knot in England. Indian organisation magnate Arun Nayar and Elizabeth’s wedding intermediary was a much-publicised occasion, which Hi! Magazine bagged the rights. The couple wed in a lavish British-style wedding on March 2, 2007, at Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire, England. Later a 2nd ceremony was likewise carried out as per the Indian traditions. The Indian wedding event for the couple was held in Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur, India. The estimated cost of the couple’s eight-day long celebration covering over Europe and India totaled up to $2.5 million.

Elizabeth Hurley And Arun Nayar Indian Wedding

Their Indian wedding was held in the early hours of the morning, under the conventional Indian setup. Before the wedding event event, Elizabeth had a conventional mehendi event, for which she selected a pink saree and finished her look with a declaration neckpiece and matching metallic maang-teeka. For the wedding, Elizabeth looked nothing less than an ideal Indian bride-to-be, in her crimson pink bridal lehenga which had golden embroidery and she teamed it with diamond jewellery. She was accompanied by her boy Damian throughout the wedding, who was likewise decked up in traditional ivory-golden bandhgala which was a specific copy of his step-father Arun Nayar’s wedding attire. The wedding events saw fireworks, fire dancers, as well as an act of the Indian dhol walas, a common fixture at all Indian wedding events.

Elizabeth Hurley And Arun Nayar Indian Wedding

Their wedding event saw a series of parties and events, followed by a lovely performance by the couple, marking the end of the eight-day long event. For their wedding event efficiency, Arun wore a silver-white bandhgala which was complemented by Elizabeth’s matching lehenga choli.

# 4. Padma Lakshmi And Salman Rushdie

Padma Lakshmi And Salman Rushdie Indian Wedding

American starlet and cookbook author, Padma Lakshmi lastly settled in matrimonial bliss with world-renowned British Indian novelist, Salman Rushdie on April 17, 2004. Theirs was a vibrant monsoon wedding in Manhattan, which was held at the New York Studio structure. The bride-to-be (then 25 years old) was worn an ethnic South Indian purple saree and a backless choli, while the bridegroom (then 56 years old) looked dapper in a black sherwani and silver-grey took. The wedding decoration was kept based on South Indian traditions, and the mandap was developed using rajnigandha flowers. Their wedding event ambience was a mix of both Hindu and Muslim customs. They took swears from the Rig Veda, and at the place, Sufi tunes were being played in the background.

Padma Lakshmi And Salman Rushdie Indian Wedding

Padma Lakshmi’s bridal ensemble was short on the jewellery ratio, however her overly ornate jooda pin caught the a lot of attention from the guests. Salman Rushdie insinuated a diamond wedding ring on Padma’s fingers and knelt down to slip in her sandal in classic Cinderella design. Later for the reception, the duo became yet another set of ethnic wear, as Padma Lakshmi picked an ivory embroidered Luca clothing with statement jewellery. Complimenting her, was her partner Salman, who adopted beige and white bandhgala.

Later, the unfortunate news was that 3 years later, the couple got separated as their marital relationship was all about mere insecurities and jealousy.

So, now we understand, how insane people are all over the world to obtain married in the Indian culture and tradition and we all must take pride in our culture. All you guys, remain tuned with us to understand more fascinating Indian weddings associated stories.



This One Oscar Winner Reveals Why Hollywood Is Totally Full Of Crap About #MeToo

On Sunday night at the Academy Awards where the #MeToo movement was celebrated, one Oscar was offered that belied the supposed commitment of Hollywood to remedying the wrongs against women.Former Los Angeles

Lakers star Kobe Bryant, who was accused of sexual assault in 2003, and later settled from court after the reputation of his accuser was assaulted in court, was provided an Oscar for Finest Animated Brief for the brief film” Dear Basketball, “which was based on his retirement from the NBA.To award Bryant with an Oscar in the age of

#MeToo proved a head-scratcher for many, specifically considering the hit frontrunner James Franco took, as his movie”The Catastrophe Artist”was snubbed of all significant awards after sexual assault allegations versus him broke.Bryant was accused of raping a 19-year-old desk clerk on July 2, 2003, while he was remaining at The Lodge and Health Club at Cordillera in Colorado; he was in Colorado for an operation on his knee.The left-wing site ThinkProgress took Bryant to task for the incident, composing: Bryant, a brand-new father of a six-month-old daughter, made little talk with the blonde, and when they got here at his space, he took her aside and asked for that she come back later to give him a private tour of the hotel. She obliged, and after the tour and mild flirtations, Bryant welcomed her into his hotel room. Simply 5 minutes later on, the female left the space, disheveled and supposedly distraught. Her underclothing was bloody, as was Bryant’s shirt … On July 2, both the alleged victim and Bryant were required to the healthcare facility for evaluations. There was a little swelling around her neck, and she had tears on her vaginal wall. An arrest warrant was released for Bryant on July Fourth, and on July 18th, charges were filed.She was a sexually active teenager who had actually attempted suicide twice and been quickly hospitalized for psychological health problem. She was a hopeful singer who had actually when tried

out for American Idol. She had a lingering crush on her ex-boyfriend. Really quickly, a photo was painted of a fame-hungry, unsteady lady who would do anything for attention.Mark Shaw, who covered the case for ESPN and USA Today, informed ThinkProgress,”In the Kobe Bryant case, it was abominable how the accuser was treated.

Everyone was at fault. This bad woman, they used her down, and it occurred from the very first hearings.”When Shaw covered the case, he composed,” With her identity understood, her past sex life exposed, her frame of mind common knowledge, and her life in disarray due to continuous distress about the motive behind the charges, it is no marvel that she surrendered.”Bryant’s accuser decided she would not testify; the

criminal case was dropped in 2004, prompting Bryant to confess,”Although I really believe this encounter in between us was consensual, I acknowledge now that she did not and does not view this incident the same way I did. After months of reviewing discovery, paying attention to her lawyer, as well as her statement personally, I now comprehend how she feels that she did not grant this encounter.”Bryant settled a civil claim out of court in 2005.