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Oh no! Ariana Grande needed to cancel her Aug. 23 concert in Vietnam. Ariana stated she was dealing with ‘health issue’– is she all right?

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Display.Sharethrough.Soompi.1 x1 When Rain and Kim Tae Hee get wed this year, they’ll be sharing rather the collection of genuine estate!According to a report in Segye Ilbo, the couple owns a

combined 50 billion won( roughly$ 42.8 million USD) in

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On Sunday night, protean star Gary Oldman won his long-deserved Oscar, and promptly thanked America at the very start of his acceptance speech. Unlike other minutes in his speech, which set off applause, Oldman’s thoughtful display screen of gratitude to

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Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards was all that Hollywood has actually become about in their post-Hillary season of discontent.Scads of rich self-important, blathering reprobates all resplendent in their ANTIFA black and unifying behind the crusade against sexual harassment(translation: the war

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