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Oh My Lady Reveals Their Celeb Pals And Who They Desired To Be Close With

In a current interview with a news outlet, Oh My Woman took some time to complete self-written profiles.Through the profiles, the members exposed their star pals, pastimes, favorites, and more.On stars she is pals with, Seunghee pointed out TWICE’s Jihyo and Jeongyeon, members from range show “Girl Spirit,” and her former schoolmates V and Jimin of BTS. Celebrities she wishes to become friends with consist of BoA and Zion.T.In her free

time, Seunghee takes pleasure in watching videos of animals, finding brand-new music, and viewing movies.YooA is close

with the members of project group Girls Next Door from range program “Idol Drama Operation Group,” which include Jeon Somi, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul, Kim So Hee, Lovelyz’s Sujeong, and SONAMOO’s D.ana. She shared that she wishes to be pals with Chungha and included, “Her music is so great.”

Although she has appeared as a panel member previously, she wants to appear on “King of Masked Singer” as a secret singer.Arin wrote Cosmic

Girls ‘Dayoung, Weki Meki’s Choi Yoojung, PRISTIN’s Yehana, gugudan’s Mina, Kim Sae Ron, and DreamCatcher as her celeb friends. She wishes to end up being close with Suzy and EXID’s Hani.Her preferred foods consist of cake, cookies, chicken, sashimi, and meat. She likes consuming caramel popcorn while watching films in theaters.On her closest star buddies, Hyojung shared, “I am currently in the stage of getting to know everyone, but my closest friends would be TWO TIMES’s Jeongyeon and Lovelyz’s Mijoo.”She wishes to be buddies with HyunA, and she likewise intends to begin a line of idols born in 1994. Hyojung delights in sports like bowling, archery, and treking as well as plays a lot of guitar and piano.Binnie is friends with PRISTIN’s Yuha, DreamCatcher’s Dami, and DIA’s Yebin, and she want to end up being good friends with EXID’s Hyerin.She has actually just recently delighted in gathering makeup, mostly lipstick, and baseball caps. Binnie’s preferred foods are meat, cake, and fruit.Jiho revealed that she is close with Lovelyz’s Sujeong, Berry Good’s Seoyul, Cosmic Women’Cheng Xiao, RAINZ’s Hong Eun Ki, and Jun Hyosung. She pointed out Sunmi and BoA as celebrities she desires to be friends with.She delights in viewing motion pictures and bowling, and she wrote as her special ability,”Eating and sleeping.

“Mimi composed that she does not have celeb pals, but she wishes to be buddies with Zion.T since of his music style.She shared that her preferred movies are “Titanic “and “Exactly What’s Consuming Gilbert Grape, “and her hobbies consist of reading, cooking, composing lyrics, and writing in

her diary.Were you amazed by any of Oh My Girl’s profiles?