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Megyn Kelly is starting out with her celeb guests

Jane Fonda, left, responds to being asked about cosmetic surgery by Megyn Kelly. (NBC)

Megyn Kelly stated on the first episode of her brand-new NBC early morning program, which aired Monday that for years she ‘d “dreamed of hosting an uplifting program.”

However simply three episodes in, her celebrity guests appear to find the show anything but uplifting. Kelly’s penchant for speaking her mind, despite how her words may be viewed, caused 2 of her celebrity guests to speak out against the host after their respective appearances.The latest was Jane Fonda, whom Kelly pressed to discuss her plastic surgery.Fonda appeared on the program with Robert Redford on Wednesday to promote the brand-new movie “Our Souls in the evening. “After asking Redford when he felt that he was a” sweetheart,” to much laughter and applause, Kelly turned her attention to Fonda.”You’ve been an example to everybody in how to age magnificently and with strength and unapologetically,” Kelly began.The crowd burglarized applause as Fonda mouthed,” Thank you.” Then Kelly stated,”You admit you have actually had work done, which I believe is to your credit. You look amazing. I read that you said you’re not happy to state you’ve had actually work done. Why not? “Fonda’s face tightened up, and her lips pursed. It was clear to anybody with a basic understanding of

human feeling that she was not delighted. “We really wish to speak about that now?”she said.A chuckling Kelly pressed on, undeterred.

“Well, among the important things individuals believe when they look at you is

how amazing you look, “Kelly responded

.”Well, thanks,”Fonda said, her voice filled with hardly reduced displeasure.” Excellent attitude, good posture. I take care of myself. But let me inform you why I like this motion picture that we did,’Our Souls in the evening, ‘rather than plastic surgery. ” Megyn Kelly(Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)Possibly Kelly’s insistence on the line of questioning isn’t surprising.”Kelly is, naturally, a contender,” composed the New Yorker’s Doreen St. FĂ©lix.”She is at her nauseating finest when devastating a challenger: talking over them, rolling her eyes, or flipping menacingly through her notes. “But it made the experience of appearing on her early morning talk show uncomfortable.When later asked about the segment, Fonda told ET Canada that she was amazed at what she thought about an inappropriate concern. “Given that we don’t have a great deal of time and [Robert Redford] is right here, it’s an unusual thing to raise– whether I have actually had cosmetic surgery or not. I have and I have actually spoken about it,”Fonda stated.”Appeared like the incorrect time and place to ask that question.”Fonda marked Kelly’s second popular critic in her debut week.During her best show, Kelly caused the cast of”Will & Grace,”a comedy about a

gay attorney called Will and his finest buddy, a straight lady called Grace.During the section, Kelly shocked the cast with a”superfan “in the audience named Russell Turner.

Like the character Will, Turner is a gay lawyer.” Is it real that you ended up being a lawyer, and you became gay, since of Will? “Kelly asked.While the audience chuckled, Debra Messing, the actress who depicts Grace, used a look of shock.Then Kelly pressed on,

saying,”I believe the ‘Will & Grace’thing and the gay thing is going to exercise fantastic.”Later that day, Messing reacted to a fan on Instagram who asked “But why did & you men do the Megyn Kelly show? That’s a fail!!”

“Truthfully I didn’t know it was MK up until that morning. The travel plan just stated Today show appearance. Regret going on. Dismayed by her remarks,”

Messing composed, according to the Los Angeles Times. The post appears to have been deleted.Backlash quickly spread out across Twitter.”Megyn Kelly is every mommy attempting waaaaay to difficult to “relate”to her gay child however rather simply makes it waaaaay even worse,” wrote one user.You do not’become ‘gay. When are we going to jointly realize that Megyn Kelly,(With a y. really?)is NOT a journalist?It’s too early to understand if this backlash will injure the show’s ratings or Kelly’s chance at reserving big stars in the future, though there’s no scarcity of morning programs for celebrities to select from.As CNN’s Brian Lowry wrote,”It’s absurdly early, of course, to draw any conclusions about the efficacy of the Kelly experiment. Still . it deserves thinking about that NBC News brass leapt at the opportunity to snag a prominent news star without having actually completely thought through how best to deploy her.” Kelly still has time to grow into the function of early morning host. However as The Washington Post’s Erik Wimple composed,”Whereas Kelly’s task as soon as required her to bludgeon the appropriate individuals– generally liberals– at the best time, her brand-new charge is to be relatable, pleasant, vivacious, etc.”She may still have some work to do on that front.