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Mary J. Won Big At Hollywood Film Awards, But Her See-Through Outfit Stole The Show

Mary J. Won Big At Hollywood Film Awards, However Her See-Through Outfit Takes The Program

Posted On: November 6, 2017

There’s no doubt that Ms. ‘Exactly what’s The 411’ is the bomb.com at 46, but Mary J. Blige never ceases to further prove it whenever she steps onto a red carpet.

Mary J. has actually been making headlines for a lot of drama, even though she long earlier sang about just how much she didn’t want “no more drama” in her life and ‘never desired to hurt once again.’ That was simply wishful thinking on Mary’s part though, because for the previous year or two, she’s been going through it with her soon-to be-ex spouse, Kendu Isaacs. For the record, I’m ill n’ tired of needing to state her ‘soon-to-be-ex-husband, Kendu.’ Can’t they just cut to the chase and get that divorced settled already? Dayumn! I digress …

“Mudbound” movie, set to release on November 17th, through Netflix and motion picture theaters

Anywho, although Mary is residing in demanding times, with her pending divorce and tax problems, it was a beautiful thing to see her truly happy at the current Hollywood Film Awards. The award ceremony happened inside the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Cali. Mary was awarded the “Breakout Performance Starlet Award” at the Sunday, Nov. Fifth event, for her function in the movie, Mudbound… we’ll get to that in a 2nd. As if it wasn’t already enough that she was awarded, Mary was presented the award by among the best talents in the acting game, Viola Davis! Discuss an honor, right?Congratulations to Mary

J. on her award win, but she likewise is worthy of a separate award for that fly see-thru clothing she rocked to the occasion. It was sophisticated, yet sheer in all the right places, with just two pasties covering her upper woman parts …

Mary J. Blige rockin’see thru leading at Hollywood Movie Awards, 11-5-2017 Typically, we’re utilized to seeing Mary in sexy, but fully covered get-ups. So when she stepped out in her all white fit, with a large bodysuit below, she most definitely turned heads.< img src=http://ilosm.cdnize.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/mary-see-thru-and-viola-davis.jpg alt width=634 height=952 > Mary J. Blige and actress, Viola Davis at Hollywood Film Awards, 11-5-17 Now, had this been state, Lil Kim, or Beyonce,’in this all white’fit, there would be nothing

to speak about. In fact, it would be considered a toned down outfit for them. Nevertheless, we’re discussing Mary, so fans were pleasantly shocked to see the freshly single R&B queen walk on the wild-classy side, if you will.(L)Lil Kim;(R) Beyonce’dressed as Lil Kim for Halloween; (Image via Instagram) Okay, now back to her role in the highly prepared for movie, Mudbound. The movie will be launched on November 17th on Netflix, as well as in at select theaters across the United States. Mary stars in the film, together with Jason Mitchell (“Eazy E”star from NWA biopic), the actorwho lots of when believed Mary was dating on the low. The film also stars in Carey Mulligan, Garrett Hedlund, and Jason Clarke.< img src=http://ilosm.cdnize.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/mary-see-thru-and-mudbound-cast.jpg alt width =634 height=422 >” Mudbound “cast after winning”Finest Breakout Ensemble “Award at Hollywood Film Awards 11-5-17

:(L-R)Jason Mitchell, Mary J. Blige, Garrett Hedlund and Carey Mulligan In Mudbound, Mary plays the role of” Florence, “a Southern matriarch of the’Jackson household.’ The film is set in rural Mississippi

, following WorldWar II and here’s exactly what Mary said about her function: Via Signboard: Speaking about Mudbound, her movie about race and poverty in the Mississippi Delta in the 1940s, the singer alludes to Trump:”When I read the script, I was moved because it showed at the end of the day, when all of it comes down to it, enjoy has no color … It definitely talks to today’s times. It looks like everyone is a minority to him. Everybody is defending their rights now.” Blige also exposed why Mudbound was a physical challenge for her: Mary J. in “Mudbound”Via Signboard:

” I had to surrender and devote entirely to Florence,”Blige states, “like the little unsightly boots she was using every day and those gowns … We couldn’t wear makeup. We couldn’t have nails. We couldn’t do eyelashes. I was disrobed to the bare needs of Mary. And that truly helped me because people were stating things like,’Gosh– you’re so lovely. ‘It assisted my self-esteem.”No matter the obstacles Mary J. Blige deals with, she’s constantly fine in our eyes. Keep on keepin’on Mary

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