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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Episode 12 Twitter Roundup

by Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was, according to typical, loaded with drama, but today things got real. We got a look of that Chanel West Coast/Safaree cooperation with “New Bae,” Brooke finally made a damn choice between Booby and Marcus, Hazel-E appeared to challenge Safaree with a bag of dildos. It was … a lot. Don’t think me? Simply ask Twitter. They had a lot to

state: Probably the finest moment of the night (yes, much better than dildos being tossed or Booby’s journey to Catalina) was when Lyrica said that she was getting A1 to kick Misster Ray‘s ass and A1 provided us this golden minute in

tv: Can you image A1 combating!? It would be pearls everywhere ♀ #LHHH

Individuals are actually tired of Hazel-E attempting to claim that she runs LA or that it is her city. The evidence is in the tweetin’:

Hazel E: Welcome to my city

When Bobby Brown revealed up and this Twitter user made sure we were informed:

That’s not recording artist Bobby Brown. That’s living LEGEND Bobby Brown. Show some respect, vh1!

#lhhh While everybody else was simply truly thrilled: If Bobby Brown is the factor B2K returns together, then he needs an entire award program tribute. #lhhhollywood And bringing up the B2K reunion we didn’t know we needed.

B2k could seriously make a lots of loan if they did a reunion. I would pay to see them and pretty Ricky no lie #lhhh If we don’t get one, I will revolt.

And who could forget the

diss track heard’round the world: Zell and Alexis is so obsessed with Masika #LHHH We cannot wait to see what takes place next week on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Tune in on Monday at 8/7C and make certain to tweet along utilizing #LHHH, you might be included in our next roundup!

We’ve seen your responses to last night’s episode, but have you seen the cast react in this week’s ‘Inspect Yourself’?