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Liberal Celeb Amy Poehler: 2017 With Trump Is a ‘Problem’.

While many celebrities are concentrating on the Comey hearing, comic Amy Poehler is still disturbed that Trump won. 5 months after the election.In her acceptance

speech at the Females of the Year Awards, hosted by Glamour publication, Poehler discussed that the United States this year “was everything about undeserved wins.” Her reference to Trump was inevitable and unmistakeable as she introduced into a replica of the POTUS at the ceremony that took location in the U.K. last night.The Clinton supporter and avid advocate discussed that”this year … it’s been a nightmare.” She then told the audience, “I invested the beginning of this year simply rage weeping.” Dealing with Clinton’s loss must have been rather a disaster for the previous SNL star, who played Hilary in numerous acts prior to she left the show.Encouraged by the

audience’s passionate response to what seemed like the beginning of a Trump celebration, Poehler went on to mock the POTUS, saying in a mock male voice, “Nobody respects glamorous females like I do … there’s many tens in the space tonight.”She also satirized the president’s current tweets to the mayor of London regarding the current fear attacks. Poehler chuckled and said, “Your mayor says there’s no reason to be alarmed. You need to be alarmed. This room is on fire. “Terrorism is simply one huge joke to her, naturally.She then attempted to make her comments sound much better by adding,”Everybody’s fine. London is great. You don’t need to wish them. “Due to the fact that when some location undergoes bombs and problems there really is no problem at all. The actress made an attempt to end her speech on a high note

, by stating that”I’m fed up with being tired, upset and beat.”She intended on finding some wish for the summertime. Maybe in the Comey hearing? For somebody who is so upset, she seemed to think the tide will turn for her.Glamour writer Rebecca Fearn heralded this speech as that of a” legend.”