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Korean 7-year-old girl ends up being celebrity in Dubai after rich men discover her Instagram– Koreaboo

Meet Breanna Youn, the mega-popular social networks powerhouse princess who’s only seven years old.Breanna Youn

utilized to live a common and humble life with her mother and dad in Busan, South Korea where the family owned and operated a seafood business. Not thinking much of it, Mrs. Youn started publishing videos of her child with a charming lisp on social media to share with family and friends back in 2014.

It wasn’t long up until Breanna’s appeal took off and hundreds of thousands of people began to follow her social media accounts to see videos of the charming little woman. After opening a Vine and Instagram represent Breanna, her mother likewise chose to start publishing to Facebook.

It was then the domesticities altered forever.Thousands of predominately Middle

Eastern followers began to flood the page with likes and comments. Many, in truth, that this prompted the family to take a two-week journey to Dubai. Here, Breanna’s moms and dads transformed to Islam, and her mother started to wear a hijab on her head. She even encouraged Breanna to discover Arabic to be able to interact with her adoring fans.Breanna also gained a variety of celebrities fans, including vocalist Shamma Hamdan, who when drove

to pick up Breanna in her Mercedes-Benz prior to taking her to dinner at the popular Burj Al Arab. She’s now had the ability to ride within lots of elegant cars.”In

Korea, she got attention and people wanted pictures with her due to the fact that she is cute. Here, they wish to take

them since they acknowledge her. It makes us feel really special.”– Mrs. Youn The family decided to make their journey to Dubai permanent, and continue to live there with the assistance and presents of Breanna’s

adoring fans. Breanna takes photos with every fan she discovers!

When it comes to Breanna, she is delighted and comfy with her popularity. When inquired about the relocate to Dubai, she provided a warm response.”I love Dubai more than Korea, although it is very hot.”– Breanna Youn Have a look at some of

these too cute videos that made her famous.Today, the media super-star enjoys a life every little lady imagine including a Hello Cat inspired. A large Hi Kitty shaped mirror is a must.

Breanna presents for photos in this Hello Kitty

chair!< img src =http://cdn.koreaboo.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/14068284_1017891951663831_7500251001838562694_n.jpg alt width=960 height=720 > This is the dream.Breanna has now returned house to live in the Philippines with her family, and continues to
be a social media star

. It’s thanks to her

fans she gets to live this sweet way of life!< img src=http://cdn.koreaboo.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Breanna-Youn-2.png alt width=938 height=1016 > Sources: Great Daily, The National