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Keep Your Eye On The Guy In Green – This Is Exactly Why Humility Is Important

Demonstrating humility about your accomplishments is an important trait to have if you don”t want to look like a complete dummy. After all, people who get too cocky and act superior to others usually get their comeuppance.

Take this arrogant runner from the University of Oregon as a perfect example. The student was running in a race when he decided to celebrate early instead of powering through the final stretch. His little celebration provided enough time for the second place runner to turn on the jets and steal a win.

Look closely…

Look closely...

You”re about to see a young man”s dreams get crushed.

“OH F***.”

We feel ya, buddy.

We feel ya, buddy.

(via Fox Sports)

When this man runs again, I guarantee that he won”t celebrate until a medal is placed around his neck. You can never take your opponents for granted, and that”s exactly what this runner did. His lack of humility only ended up biting him in the butt.