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John Oliver BLASTS Hollywood For Enabling Weinstein

Hollywood is wanting to make amends in the aftermath surrounding claims that movie magnate Harvey Weinstein regularly sexually bugged and raped women over numerous years. Up until now, they’ve expelled him from the Academy and required a modification in culture but comic John Oliver is having none of it, and blasted the home entertainment market for enabling Weinstein for all those years.With the words”Monsterum Optimum “towering above an image of the disgraced manufacturer, John Oliver declared that Hollywood has some serious’ splaining to do for permitting this guy to keep hurting people for so long.”It’s not simply his habits that was

uncomfortable. It was the way individuals around him excused that,” he said.Oliver noted that one of Weinstein’s accusers, Angie Everhart,

woke up one morning to see Harvey masturbating over her while on a boat at the Cannes Film Festival. After he ended up, Everhart informed numerous people of the event, and their reaction was”Oh, that’s just Harvey.””Exactly what the f ** k?!”Oliver responded. “So everybody understood, and they simply went with it: ‘Oh yeah, Harvey’s going to break into your space and masturbate. That’s just Harvey. He’s like sex-criminal variation of the Kool-Aid Man’. “Though a lot of individuals have condemned Weinstein, Oliver handled

his couple of defenders, like fashion designer Donna Karen who stated women were” asking for it.”” One: That is absolutely dreadful. And, 2: How would Donna Karan understand how women are

dressing today? It’s not 1993, “Oliver pointed out prior to noting that Karan apologized.When it came to the Academy expelling Weinstein, he struck them for hypocrisy.”Yes, lastly the group that counts among its present members, Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, and Mel Gibson had actually found

the one guy who treated women terribly and kicked him out, “he stated.”So, congratulations, Hollywood. See you at the next Oscars where– and this holds true– Casey Affleck will exist Finest Starlet.”