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‘I’m A Celebrity’ Bosses Deny Ant McPartlin Made A Racial Slur During Last Night’s Episode

Social media was abuzz with remarks following last night’s episode of I’m A Celerity … Get Me Out Of Here!. It wasn’t because of a nasty Bushtucker Trial or a popular person doing something funny, however a remark made by one of the hosts, Ant McPartlin.Credit: ITV/I’m a Star After having a little back

and forth with his co-host Declan Donnelly, the Geordie was accused of saying something bad against Indigenous Australians. Dec was joking on the ‘underprivileged Australians who suffer dreadful working conditions’when discussing the show’s crew, however Ant chimed in and stated:”Poor souls, they get paid in avos.”Some individuals (albeit with horrible hearing )thought they heard the 42-year-old state the bad word for Indigenous individuals,’Abo’. I really have no idea how that managed to hear that -they must’ve had the cooking on or weren’t properly listening, because McPartlin rather plainly says’avos’ -which is abbreviated from avocados. @imacelebrity can you

December 1, 2017 Someone composed:”Paid in Abos !! Little racist there.”

Another added: “Did Declan just say “they make money in Abos?”

While many networks would not get drawn into something like this, ITV has actually assured viewers that Ant implied no ill will when he stated the expression. Program bosses have informed the Sun:”Ant stated on tonight’s program that the team were paid in Avo’s which is short for avocados and a commonly utilized abbreviation in Aus.”

Luckily, a lot of individuals chimed in to inform the haters to withdraw. This user composed: “Individuals losing their shit at Ant stating ‘Abos’ need to chill.

“They referred to themselves as Abos until the 1950’s. They are likewise pleased to be referred to as ‘black-fella’s’, But not an abbreviation of a common name? They are rubbish at pulling the racist card. Required to sort that.”

December 2, 2017 That’s not 100 percent real and differs depending on where in Australia you’re speaking about.

The ITV program has already faced its fair share of racist drama with YouTuber Jack Maynard. The youngster was unceremoniously started the show after just three days when people found tweets from 2011 to 2013 where he utilized the N word as well as used a homophobic expression.

Comic Shappi Khorsandi has become the first participant to effectively leave the camp. When asked what was the hardest part about the experience, the 44-year-old stated the food: “It tinkers your head, it tinkers your state of mind.”

Featured Image Credit: ITV/I’m a Superstar