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Hollywood Still in Full-Blown Panic Over Trump: ‘Impeach and Eliminate Him’

The leftists in Hollywood stay in full-blown panic mode after President Donald Trump’s interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday (yes, from 2 days earlier– and yes, after Trump clarified his remarks).

In spite of the president’s remarks on Tuesday where he set the record directly on his original controversial statements where he appeared to side with Russia over American intelligence, Trump’s Hollywood critics are still in code red. If you listen to individuals who caught in their bubble of anti-Trump hysteria, you ‘d think we were involved in World War III.These individuals are calling for whatever from impeachment without hearings(Michael Moore)to a seeming war with Russia (Rob Reiner). Starlet Mira Sorvino even stated

the president was the “jail b **** “of Putin.Actor Ron Perlman

took to his Twitter account (which has actually degenerated into complete Trump derangement) to say that impeachment was inadequate to remedy what he saw as the crisis of the current presidency.

“Here’s a theoretical for ya: What if the 2016 election was illegitimate? Even the founders never ever pondered that possibility. Therefore for that reason never even proferred a treatment. Impeachment is no remedy. Not for an election that was illegitimate. If one is to hold up our Republic??” the “Sons of Anarchy” star wrote to his 700,000 followers.He continued,

” The GOP, in confessing that Russia most certainly tampered with the election, has actually said that the results we not altered. The GOP has actually lied about every element of this affair, and so we can assume that won’t alter. So exactly what if the outcomes were engineered? What’s the treatment?”

Patricia Arquette, for her part, utilized off-color language to suggest Trump’s actions were treason.Read more reactions below: In Trump’s sensational act of open, televised treason the other day, it is clear the

Russians are holding him hostage by whatever they got on him or whatever damage they are threatening to do to a relative of his. For his and our security, he must be removed from workplace. 25th Modification– Michael Moore (@MMFlint)< a href= "https://twitter.com/MMFlint/status/1019224904380702721?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw"> July 17, 2018 Congress needs no more proof than Trump’s admission the other day that he sides with Putin to

impeach & eliminate him. No hearings are needed. Quick action is a must. Your house must vote to Impeach & & the Senate should hold the trial. Those who don’t act need to be tossed Nov 6– Michael Moore (@MMFlint) July 17, 2018 The United States was attacked

. We didn’t see bombs hitting Pearl Harbor. We didn’t see airplanes crash into buildings. Cyber missiles struck the heart of our Democracy. It was an insidious Act of War. Anyone who aids and abets this is devoting Treason.– Rob Reiner (@robreiner) July 17, 2018 Yesterday, we had a President program himself to be an obvious Russian asset on the world phase, totally consistent with his each action as President, serving Putin’s desires at every turn. Today, the GOP slam, but do nothing. WE WILL REMEMBER THEREFORE WILL HISTORY.– James Gunn(@JamesGunn) July 17, 2018 Now that Trump is finally susceptible, see the Democrats NOT go for the jugular.

Sad. And I say that very strongly.– Costs Maher(@billmaher) July 17, 2018 (picture credit,

homepage and post: YouTube)