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Hollywood Sign Checks Out ‘Hollyweed’ After Prankster Strikes Overnight

Angelenos were in for a surprise on New Year’s Day, waking up to discover the renowned Hollywood sign checked out “HOLLYWeeD” Sunday morning.

Around midnight, security cameras caught the prankster, an only man, climbing the fence that protects the indication, inning accordance with Sgt. Guy Juneau of the Los Angeles Authorities Department’s Security Solutions Department.

By putting two tarps over the “O’s” in Hollywood, he transformed the sign to read “HOLLYWeeD.”

Juneau said the male then climbed back over the fence and ran away. He is being investigated for misdemeanor trespassing.

Authorities are calling it a New Year’s Eve trick, Juneau said.Crews removed the tarps Sunday morning. The sign read “Hollywood”as soon as again around 11 a.m.A similar trick was brought out on Jan. 1, 1976

, after a marijuana law entered into effect in the state, reported the LA Times.”To mark the celebration, some boys draped the 2 O’s in’ wood’with E’s to make it ‘Hollyweed, ‘”composed the LA Times.Editor’s Note: A previous version of this short article improperly specified the trick was

being investigated for misdemeanor vandalism. It is being examined as misdemeanor trespassing.Published 6 hours ago|Updated 3 hours back