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Hollywood Responds to Al Franken Resignation: ‘Dark Day for America’

Celebrities required to social media Thursday to respond to Sen. Al Franken’s (D-MN) announcement that he would resign from the Senate in the coming weeks after numerous females accused him of sexual misconduct.Some stars, consisting of actor Tom Arnold and starlet Alyssa Milano, appeared to express dissatisfaction that Franken was resigning. Arnold declared that Franken’s very first accuser, journalist Leeann Tweeden, had been”coached”to bring the senator down, while Milano called attention to previous allegations against Donald Trump.I’m dissatisfied with my pal Leeann Tweedon.

Her partner at KABC John Phillips is a Roger Stone pal & they coached her for weeks to bring Al Franken down. I ‘d hoped & she ‘d utilize her voice to speak out for all ladies once again predators like Roy Moore & Donald Trump but she’s a birther I’ve gone to bat for Leeann & 100 times this last month hoping she

‘d a minimum of expose her whole truth too however she ghosted me. I understand each and every single information of this political control. KABC must lose their license. Promoting a scams is a federal offense & FCC violation. https://t.co/QY1Cxne5tw!.?.!At the same time that we are asking Franken & to resign from senate– we are enabling an implicated child molester to run for senate. Other celebs like Mark Ruffalo and Patton Oswalt seemed satisfied with Franken’s resignation.”This is exactly what character and humbleness looks like,”comic Oswalt tweeted.Obviously you aren’t into child abuse, obviously you aren’t into sexually pestering females. Neither am I, buddy. I hope Al Franken resigns today. I do not desire people like that leading us. We ought to all set a strong

border on these concerns together.Franken< a href=http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/12/07/sen-al-franken-will-resign-in-the-coming-weeks/ target =_ blank > announced Thursday that he would resign from the Senate”in the coming weeks,”as 8 ladies have actually come forward to accuse the Minnesota legislator and previous Saturday Night Live star of sexual misconduct. Franken had dealt with contact Wednesday from lots of his

fellow lawmakers to step down.”A couple months ago I felt that we had actually entered an important moment in the history of this country. We finally listened to ladies … then the conversation relied on me, “Franken stated.” I likewise believe that it provided some individuals the false impression that I did things I have actually not done, “he included. “Some things aren’t true, while others I keep in mind very in a different way.”Below, find Hollywood’s response to Franken’s resignation announcement.The Dems are constantly prepared to dump among their own. The GOP stand behind every kid molester and every harasser, consisting of POTUS. As unpleasant as it is to face, that’s political suicide.Senator @alfranken has resigned. He is accused of far less than the implicated attacker in the White House. And the GOP rallies around an accused pedophile in Alabama. Stunning!

#RoyMoore. We are investing a lot time stating Al Franken has to go and not almost adequate time MAKING Roy Moore go. Prioritize y’ all.Al Franken resigns. We are complimentary of all sexual predators in the U.S. government.A dark day for America. Franken

bullied out of workplace. Exactly what did he do? Nasty Sean Hannity is gleeful. They win again. Democrats eat their young.Good on #AlFranken for doing the ideal thing

. Now let me advise everyone that a guy who honestly boasts about grabbing women by the pussy is still our President while campaigning for an implicated child molester who looks like he’s going to win a Senate seat.No. Happy to see Franken go when offenses are evidenced. Wish he would have sustained the principles probe because then, when Moore shows up in the Senate, precedent would require the same of him. There is a process. It matters that we ran past it here. https://t.co/fsmf4SvAIz!.?.!Did we police our own or eat our own today? I do not know, time will inform. I do understand that Rodger Stone is taking a triumph lap someplace, and I feel Sick. https://t.co/KDI8EtxkyO!.?.!Democrats are sitting there in the Senate thinking that by forcing Franken to resign they are deciding and revealing that Democrats have an absolutely no tolerance for unwanted sexual advances. That will NOT be the lesson discovered here.