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Hollywood Normalizes Sexual Infatuation with Children, States 13yo Girl ‘Sexiest Starlet’


While she is just 13 years old, actress Millie Bobby Brown has ended up being famous for her function in the Netflix struck Stranger Things, and she has likewise ended up being Hollywood’s newest attempt at normalizing sexual infatuation with children.Brown was the only kid featured in a lineup of 13 stars and actresses who”prove that Television has never ever been hotter”and”sexier “inning accordance with a story from W Magazine. The online excerpt features a quote from Brown where she talks about how she was asked to change her look in order to play the role of “Eleven “on Stranger Things.” Throughout the screen test for Complete stranger Things, one of the directors came near me and stated,

‘Bzzz,’ over my head,”Brown said.”Hethen asked, ‘Are you prepared?’I was like,’For exactly what? ‘And he said,’To cut all your hair off! ‘The next day I got the task and I cut it. My hair was down to here, however it’s just hair. After that, I was called’ boy’ a lot.”The Spanish variation of the publication translated the title to” Why is television sexier than

ever?”according to a story from Play Radio FM, raising major questions about why a 13-year-old is being referred to as”attractive,”or even” hot. “Advertisment One Twitter user reacted to the publication, composing,”She is 13. I repeat. 13. She is not a sexy female, is a kid. Embarassment on all those publications sexualizingher.”She is 13

. I repeat. 13. She is not an attractive female, is a kid. Embarassment on all those publications sexualizing her< a href=https://twitter.com/hashtag/milliebobbybrown?src=hash&ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw > #milliebobbybrown pic.twitter.com/JaRXVehdT7!.?.!— olallac (@olallac) < a href= https://twitter.com/olallac/status/923596826036629505?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw > October 26, 2017 Brown was also included on the cover of the Spanish publication Mujer Hoy, or LadyToday, with the heading”Why We Love Millie.”The publication included a series of pictures of Brown in”hot”or suggestive poses.A Twitter user published the pictures online, writing in Spanish,”Millie

Bobby Brown is NOT a woman, she is a lady.”Millie Bobby Brown NO es una mujer, es una niña. pic.twitter.com/Clchf00lCN!.?.!— Carmen GMagdaleno( @MagdalenaProust)< a href=https://twitter.com/MagdalenaProust/status/922374397050146817?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw >

October 23, 2017 Another Twitter user commented,”Individuals are calling Millie Bobby Brown ‘sexy’ and uh Y’ ALL ARE CONSCIOUS SHE IS 13 YEARS OLD

. “Individuals are calling Millie Bobby Brown” attractive”and uh YALL UNDERSTAND SHE IS 13 YEARS OF AGES RIGHT– khlo(@thatflowerboy) October 31, 2017 Millie Bobby Brown is gifted, composed and precocious, but at the

end of the day, she is just a 13-year-old woman. When the home entertainment industry begins to give her the label of” Sexy,”it teaches both Hollywood insiders and the general public that it

is acceptable to sexualize a child.While the existing Hollywood sex scandal ended up being public with the claims that producer Harvey Weinstein had a substantial history of sexually harassing and assaulting females who were

generally in their early 20s, it has actually considering that expanded to include the discoveries that star< a href=http://thefreethoughtproject.com/?s=kevin+spacey > Kevin Spacey has had sexual relationships with and attempted to sexually attack teenage boys.When kid actor Corey Feldman attempted to speak out about the continuous issue of pedophilia in Hollywood on an episode of The View in 2013, Barbara Walters disrupted him, saying, “You’re harming a whole market!”Now, the increasing variety of sexual assault accusations against some of the most popular directors,

producers and actors in Hollywood is acting as a reminder that Feldman was not trying to damage the market– the market had actually currently damaged itself.For years, the continuous issue of sexual predators in Hollywood has been disregarded, kept behind closed doors, as well as justified. Due to the fact that there are numerous actors and actresses who have actually had their lives scarred because they were viewed as sexual things when they were children, it must be seen as extremely troubling when 13-year-olds are publicly described as some of Hollywood’s “sexiest”actresses.