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Hollywood Director Threats It All To Expose Obama’s A lot of Shameful Failure

A Hollywood director has put everything on the line to slam previous President Barack Obama. This is a move that can sometimes be career ending in Tinseltown, however Jaco Booyens is driven to expose the truth.Booyens is a leader in the anti-human trafficking movement. He directed the film 8 Days, which shares the stories of victims of sex trafficking. He’s likewise a board member of Traffick911, a company that has actually assisted complimentary over 800 youths from being trafficked. He is a little bit of an expert on human trafficking and he has some strong words about how Obama managed this during his years in the White House.While speaking at

Turning Point USA High School Leadership Top, Booyens made it clear that the former president did nothing to assist the victims of sex trafficking.”Do you know that I can not get the radical left to do something about it?”the director informed the crowd.”Do you know that we could not get the Obama White House to do something about it? “Next, he stated something that is certain to inflame the left

and others in Hollywood. He applauded President Donald Trump for acting versus this modern slavery.”Do you know that President Trump has done more to fight that thing– Ivanka(

Trump), Jared (Kushner)– they have done more– Don Jr.– to eliminate that thing, “Booyens said in the video listed below that will exasperate liberals.This isn’t really just a viewpoint. Throughout the very first year of his presidency, Trump signed an executive order that seeks to take apart the trafficking industry. “My administration will focus on ending the definitely horrific practice of human trafficking . And I am prepared to bring the full blast and weight of our federal government, whatever we can do, in order to resolve this horrific problem,”Trump stated about the executive order.This is a brave thing for a Hollywood director to

state, however this is individual to Booyens as his sis was a victim of sex trafficking in their native country of South Africa. Now, he’s standing with President Trump to conserve these individuals who are enslaved in the sex industry.Source: Western Journal AlertMe Inform Me Now on Facebook